A Visitor

We had a welcomed visitor at the farm last evening...
Amanda came for a visit.
(You might remember that Amanda got married and moved to Philadelphia this past summer.)
Ginger and MaryAnn were quite happy to see her and came out to greet her.

Before long the turkeys made an appearance.

And of course the dogs were with us.

Of all our animals, the pigs are the most social...
always making quite a fuss when they see us.
The more attention they get, the happier they are...
and they seem to love all of the other animals.

I guess it's no surprise when I say that our animals are spoiled rotten.
MaryAnn loves a fresh drink from the watering cans.
Although they always have a bucket of fresh water available to them,
she prefers hers running.

They've been eating a lot of snow lately,
so their bucket goes largely untouched.
Still there's nothing better than cool running water!

The snow has finally melted from the back of the sheep.

And once again we can tell who's who.

If only the sheep were as social as the pigs.
Oh how I would love to sink my fingers into these girls' wool.
But alas, sheep are much more wary... and just don't seem to have the deep appreciation 
for our company that the pigs do.

And so we worship from afar!

Walking the turkeys back home for the night...

Ole Kenny Rogers has had a live-in girlfriend since the snowstorm.
Lucille moved into the barn on a somewhat permanent basis.
I like the fact that this old man has company during the day!

Lucille stopped laying eggs in the wheelbarrow,
and has instead adopted this bucket full of twine from the hay bales as her nest.

Yesterday was a cloudy day,
leaving our countryside looking like this....

Warmer temperatures have melted half of our snow away.

Well, I guess that about wraps up another week at the farm.
I hear that even warmer temperatures are ahead,
as well as rain...
so Snowmaggedon is going to soon be Mudmaggedon.


colleen said…
Love the egg in the bucket!
Country Gal said…
Lovely photos . I bet the animals love visitors . It is lightly snowing here but we have hardly any on the ground seems the ground here is still to warm for it to stay very long we get dusting's and then it melts after it rains . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !
Portia said…
I hate that I forget the animal names! The dogs... they are Annie, Sam, and ??? I'd ask for a cast of characters down the side bar like you have for the humans, but that would take you forever to create and would be a nightmare to maintain. I'll just keep studying and trying to remember. But please, what is the third dog's name?
Bee Haven Bev said…
Oakley is dog # 3. He is our strong, handsome, loyal rescue of unknown age. Best dog ever!!
Very nice article!! and Sounds an excellent day for you!
Thanks for sharing your experience.
jerilanders said…
Your chubby goat beneath is hilarious... she has the same physique as my gals! You treat your animals VERY, very well, and OF COURSE they are a little spoiled, as they should be. Now, my sheep are very friendly and love to be scratched behind the ears. Maybe it is the difference in breeds. Yours are babydolls, are they not?
jaz@octoberfarm said…
the pigs are so cute! teddy makes both of my kids drop everything when they walk through the dor and pay total attention to her. we wil be in the 50's for the next 5 day. bummer.
This N That said…
Marianne and Max have the same drinking water preferences..Nothing like fresh, running water..Glad that Amanda stopped in..I'm sure you miss her company and her help for that matter. The snow is slowly but surely melting..We have really been lucky in the ice department..So far, so good..Rain expected on Wed..Have a wonderful weekend..xxxooo Yes, looks like mud is just around the corner..Hope it stays above freezing.
Portia said…
Oakley! Yeah!

What a great post Beverly! I just love your farm, and all that live there.
Have a great weekend.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am dropping in from Lynne's blog. I always enjoy the farm critters. I love the pigs, sheep, turkeys,chickens and the dogs. Wonderful post and photos. Have a happy weekend!
NanaDiana said…
What a wonderful visitor and what a great WELCOME she got. I am sure she was beaming all over. LOVE that old Kenny Rogers!!!! lol xo Diana
Lynne said…
The mud days won't be fun days . . . for sure . . .
The negative of melting snow I guess!
Love the animals, love stories, new places for eggs, Amanda visiting . . .
I always enjoy . . .