Deja Vu

When you read today's post,
you might be inclined to think it is a re-post from another year.
I assure you it's not.

It's just that some things happen repeatedly around here.
Like this...

Yesterday morning, when we opened the chicken house, 
the girls could not get out the front door fast enough!

They literally flew out the door...
one hitting Hubbs square in the chest.

And this is why...

It seems young Percy Possum thought he had found himself a good situation.
Free rent and warm meals!

He soon realized that he had made a mistake,
as we chased him into a garbage can,
(aka: possum re-locator)
and drove him about 3 miles away to another woodsy location.

After last autumn's debacle (finding a possum consuming one of the chickens),
we take no chances on them finding their way back to the henhouse.
Squatters beware!

This weekend was our annual hike along the farm boundaries
to refresh our "No Trespassing" signs...
just in time for hunting season.

We do this yearly on a weekend preceding Thanksgiving.
It's an activity the dogs love.

It takes us about 2 hours to completely circle the farm,
hiking up hill and down, through bramble, and over fallen trees.

It's great exercise and a chance to enjoy every bit of our woods and fields.

Several deer jumped out close by us.
The presence of the dogs flushes them out.
The dogs are not allowed to chase the deer... but the deer don't know that!

I love the interesting fungi that grow on decaying logs....

and the unusual tree formations...

This tree is fascinating.
It looks as though it started out as two very closely situated trees
that eventually grafted themselves together into one tree.

Our woods are just filled with nature's magical touches!
On the edge of the woods I found a treasure...

This abandoned paper wasp nest will be added to my greenhouse gallery of
found nature items.

Isn't nature amazing?

Oh, and by the way...
I am sorry that Friday's post didn't make to to Facebook.
Apparently, I have learned, if you don't give your blog post a title, it won't load on to Facebook.
Now I know!


colleen said…
Deja vu is right!!..but don't they have the cutest nose?!..
Some great finds on your the tree!
daisy g said…
Oh, that pesky possum. I hope none of your girls were harmed.
That tree is fascinating! Nature is truly a wonder. Your property is stunning.
Unknown said…
Cute critter but not a good thing in the chicken house...poor girls. The woods are so beautiful this time of's so cold but I sure love being out there. Lovely home and property.
This N That said…
Pesky possum for sure. I wonder if his parents are nearby. Lovely day for a walk in the woods. Interesting photo ops. Have a happy week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Country Gal said…
All though the possums are a pin in the butt I think they are cute . haven't seen one around here for some time though . Lovely photos I do like weird looking trees and fungi is amazing to photograph lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
Did Percy Possum consume a lot of eggs during his sojourn in the hen house?
Bee Haven Bev said…
Luckily, Percy was just there for a few hours. Egg numbers were not down for the I don't believe he found the henhouse to be a great place for dinner....yet.
Lynne said…
Certainly Percy won't win awards in the pretty category . . .
Happy you caught up with her in time before a chicken disaster . . .
Yay for relocation . . .