A Little of This, A Little of That

Today is a rainy, rainy day here on the farm...
so, yesterday I tried to get as much done outside as I could.
Mornings have been exceptionally cold...temps in the low 30's.

Afternoons warm up to the 50's...so that is when extra outside chores are tackled.
I spent some time in the garden winterizing and cleaning up the dead gourd vines
that seem to have covered just about everything in the past few months.

While pulling vines off this trellis, I noticed that one of the gourds was smaller than the rest
and stuck in the trellis.

On closer inspection, this is what I found.

There's no removing this gourd from its resting place, so it will just have to stay put.
If it ends up rotting, I will remove it.

If it dries, I just may drill a hole into it and leave it as a bird house.

While pulling weeds, I happened to find these beets and carrots in one of the boxes.
What a great surprise to unexpectedly find some of Summer's goodness!

I also spent an hour or so with the chainsaw.
By the time I was done, I had cut this pile of fire wood and cleaned up the branches.

Cutting up the rest of the tree trunk will require a much larger chain saw than my own.

While out and about I noticed these two lying in the field.
This is O'Malley and her daughter Sally.
It makes my heart smile when I witness tenderness amongst my animals.
(and honestly, I get to see a lot of it!)

Another sweet moment was early in the morning...
It looks like Kenny Rogers has a roommate, now that cold weather is here.
Moll Flanders is sharing his heat lamp on a nightly basis.

I wonder if Lucille is jealous.
(On the subject of Lucille....she roosts somewhere around the barn, 
but I have as yet not been able to find her hiding place.)


daisy g said…
Everyone must have gotten rain yesterday. Even we got some drizzles. Looks like your chickens are snug and cozy. ;0D
TNwoman said…
Looks like ur getting the rain we've been getting here. That is great that u can use that chainsaw
Have a great day.
Country Gal said…
Raining here to we are in high wind and torrential rain warnings for the day ! Lovely photos ! WOW ! that is a lot of log cutting , bet you had fun with your chainsaw . I like the gored idea of drilling a hole in it and leaving it as a bird house . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !
Unknown said…
We got a bit of rain during the night on Monday but the sun has returned...for awhile, I hope.
Fun gourd, love the way it grew. Hope you can make it a bird's nest.
Cats! If there's warmth anywhere, they'll find it!
This N That said…
Great picture of Sammie..He's so photogenic. Love the gourd..It will be interesting to see how it ends up..I hope it's a bird house..Stay dry today..I already got soaked..
Very nice article with beautiful pictures.
Thanks for sharing.