Red Starts School

Morning spritzes gave way to afternoon clouds yesterday,
before eventually turning into late afternoon showers.

We need the rain badly.
It's been dusty-dry forever, it seems.

I took advantage of Amanda's presence yesterday afternoon,
and the small window of decent weather...
and gave Red his first long-reining lesson.

After brushing him and clipping his bridal path,
I put on his bridle and harnessing.
I think he enjoys all of the attention and doesn't seem to mind his harness or bridle at all.

I had tried long-reining before, 
but Red seemed quite confused by my positioning myself behind him
and refused to move.

With Amanda to help coax him along, he soon got the hang of it,
and seemed to understand what I wanted from him.

We walked around the pasture fences practicing stopping and starting and turning.
A few minor adjustments needed to be made along the way.

He soon got very good at turning and stopping.

However, starting up again is something we will have to work a little more on.

I am super excited....
Red is going to be the perfect little carriage horse!

You might remember last week I mentioned that Lucille
(one of the new little red hens)
had started to visit Kenny each day at the barn.

Well, it seems that Lucille is visiting Kenny inside the barn now.

And leaving gifts in the wheelbarrow!

Both Kenny and I thank you, Lucille!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
this is so exciting! i can't wait to see red pull the cart. did you know that chows are natural pullers? they actually warn you not to let chows start pulling things because they will want to do it all the time. chows have the strongest necks of all canines. a chow owner tied her chow to her front porch and went to work. when she returned, she found her front porch in her back yard attacked to the end of her dogs chain.
Lynne said…
Happy Red had some great beginnings on the school days!
This N That said…
We knew you could do it ,Red. Good job!... It's fun to have all this attention isn't it? Enjoy this rainy week.xxoo
Candice said…
Go Red! Will be so exciting to see him pulling the cart with you and some small grandkids inside! Maybe someone else has already commented about the rooster/chicken names: Kenny & Lucille...there's a song by Kenny Rogers with the line "you picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille". Maybe that was your intention all along and I'm just now realizing the connection. Ha!
Red is a good student with a good teacher!
Anonymous said…
that is so cute, about the chicken I mean,,, chickens are so complex creatures and most people think they're just stup but they do make great pets,,
the sight of that sweet little horse pulling a carriage is just amazing,, I can't wait to see that..
My friend from October Farm sent me the most beautiful scarf that you knit, ( I'm sure I have the right person ), with owls, and I have never thanked you for creating such beautiful work,, well I am now,,
thank you for your beautiful knitting skills, I have been reading your blog for days, old posts and enjoying every minute,
I miss living in the country but I carry the memories with me always, thank you again,,
Bee Haven Bev said…
Laurie...thank you so much. And yes, I did knit that little owl shawl. I hope you enjoy it!! Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for your kind words!! Welcome to Bee Haven Acres!!
Moggie said…
Red's doing great, can't wait to see him with his cart. And I'm so glad to hear about Kenny and Lucille! So sad to see when a chicken is hen-pecked.

I also saw that you posted this link on! It was like seeing a friend!

I've been following Shelly for a few months now, especially since little Cassidy was brought in over Labor Day weekend, missing his hind feet. He's a great success story, so many people are cheering him on.
Country Gal said…
Wonderful You go Red ! I am looking forward to seeing him hitched to cart and off to the races ya go lol ! . Glad Kenny and Lucille are getting along well . Thanks for sharing wonderful photos ! Have a good day !
An American in Tokyo said…
Maybe you need a little carrot to dangle in front of Red?! hee hee!!

Chicken dating sure is nice!! =)

I can't always comment, but I enjoy your blog almost everyday!! Thank you for sharing your photos and stories with us!!