Grammy Camp....Day One

Now that we are in the heat of summer,
I have stopped leading Gracie and her lambs back to the barn each night.

Instead, they stay out in their yard all day and night.

Their mornings are spent grazing.
Their afternoons are spent under this grove of trees,
resting in the shade.

And their evenings are spent at the hay feeder.

They have their houses for inclement weather.

This arrangement seems to be working out just fine.

As for socialization, everyone comes running when I enter their yard.
It's the Ritz crackers...they are the best socialization tool ever!

The lambs are getting quite a wooly coat on them.
I can hardly wait to see what it will be like by next Spring.
I should have lots of wool for spinning next year!

Tyler and I had quite a busy day yesterday.
We did some pre-kindergarten workbook pages, played with play dough,
and spent the rest of the day outside...
hiking in the woods...

playing on the pirate ship...

with Bobby 

(aka Puss in Boots!)

and swimming in the pool.

It was great fun to have help with farm chores!
At the end of the day, after we tucked the animals in for the night,
I showed him my magical place beneath the grape arbor.

He agreed that it was quite magical, indeed.

"Thank you for showing me this, Grammie," he said,
"I love you even more than I did before."
My heart melted!

It was a very special day....just the first of five special days.

I must say.... by the end of the day we were both exhausted!


Unknown said…
Its such a treat to read about your days on the farm, Bev! You're living the dream!
This N That said…
Awwww..How special..
Liz said…
Oh my, those lamb are the cutest! What great memories to share with your grandson!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
oh man...i want to play with play dough and be a pirate too. that is one lucky kid! aren't you glad you got gracie and her girls. they are soooo cute!
Good morning bev,
Tyler will grow up with such wonderful memories to treasure always... The days spent with you are very special to him... That is clear as a bell.. And I loved his comment!
The lambs are so adorable, good to know they are doing so very well.. You certainly do have a piece of heaven on earth.
Enjoy your day,
Anonymous said…
What a special week you are having, memories. Cute, cute lambs!! Enjoy your week, June
Anonymous said…
Magical, yes it was, besides all the wonderful memories your Grandson will have of his Grandma.

Annie v.
Anonymous said…
hi beverly...tyler is pure trusting innocence and love...your farmyard and more human family must be happy to have him to shower them with attention ( of course, along with the ritz crackers! )...big hugs and blessings to all your family...sally
Lynne said…
How very sweet!
daisy g said…
Wow, he'll remember this time, always. Beautiful!