Canine Couture and More

Yesterday morning at 5:30, as I dressed myself in quilted pants and barn jacket,
the thermometer read 4 degrees.
Luckily there was no wind to lower that temperature even further.

My workmates and constant companions awaken each morning eager to get outside with me.
To them, the farm is acres to be explored...adventure awaiting at every turn!
So, even in the winter when the weather is harsh...
it is important that they get their outdoor time....or cabin fever sets in pretty quickly.

Three canines with cabin fever can be a little hard on ones house, so out we go
in all weather.

Sam, Oakley, and Annie (unlike our previous pups, a Newfie and a Bernese Mtn. Dog)

are short coated and not terribly cold-tolerant...
at least not when it is 4 degrees!

The solution to cold weather for the dogs has been 3 WeatherBeeta parkas.
These dog coats are styled much like horse blankets,
and cover from neck to tail, trapping heat around their bodies.

They have two velcro around the front, over the shoulders
and one around the torso (well enough in front of man-parts to allow for bathroom habits.)

Of all three, Annie's coat is my favorite.
With reflective strips and its bright orange color, there is no losing her in a snowstorm.

However, as you can see, hers is a little small...
(she has grown since I ordered it)
I will order her next coat about 5 inches longer.

All three coats are water repellant and fairly thick.

Because these three are very high energy dogs and do so much running,
I only use their coats when the weather gets in the low 20's or below.
They don't seem to mind weather in the 30's.

Lynne asked: 
1. "Do you go X-country skiing and snowshoeing around the Haven ?"
It just so happens that Hubbs bought me my first pair of snowshoes for Christmas.  I had bought him a pair for his last birthday and then it didn't snow again!  Our plans for this weekend include some snowshoeing around the farm with friends who are also planning on cross country skiing.  Neither Hubbs nor I own cross country skis at this time.

2. "When is the wedding?"
The big day is this June 20th....right here in this open area next to the barn.
It seems like each and every day has a little time devoted to wedding preparations.  There is so much to be much to be made.  Amanda is designing and making her own invitations.  We have lots of fun ideas...all of which we will share with you at that time.

3.  "Future plans for the pizza oven?"
The outdoor brick pizza oven by our pavilion is one of our very favorite parts of the farm.
We have hosted parties, showers, and family get-togethers here with wonderful
homemade pizzas...and hope to do much more of the same!
  We will be using the pizza oven during the wedding reception for evening light bites.  I would like to explore more baking and cooking within the oven over the next season...
with breads and homemade soft pretzels being first on my list.
I hope to someday host a few "farm to table" dinners and utilize the oven during these.

4.  "Any new aprons, jewelry?"
Why yes...I have finished several aprons this past week...and have posted them on
the Bee Haven Acres Marketplace as we speak!
I am working my way through my fabric stash making my own basic 1940 style pattern.
These are very durable chore aprons that fit almost anyone.
At some point in the near future, I will branch out into some more
linen and "fussy" styled aprons...feminine and fun!
As for leather jewelry... I will be working on that for Spring (after the sewing is done).


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i love both snow shoeing and X-country. your place looks like it would be a good place for both! snow and ice here this morning and another storm on the way. if teddy ever needs a coat we are all in trouble!
This N That said…
I like hickories old hand-me-down. Easy on, easy off and it has a hook for a leash. I bought her a second one several years ago. Cute fabricfor those aprons. Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend.
Junebug said…
A fun post like usual. I agree Annie's coat is getting a little short.but maybe it will last for this winter. I have high hopes there won't be many days she will need it before Spring. Enjoy snowshoeing and let us know how it goes!! Hugs!
Unknown said…
I too broke down and bought Dash a coat this year. I have been glad I did and he loves it. I love taking him with me on short errands and this way when it is cold he can be in the car. When I go down to the Salmon River it works great for our long walks. I even got a rain coat so he would not get too muddy, since he is white it helps some.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for all the great pictures and the explanation of how the dogs' coats fit. This was exactly what I was hoping for. My dog, Eddie, thanks you too. :D
daisy g said…
Those pups look mighty snug in their fashionable outfits. Fun, fun.
My parents' anniversary was June 20th and they were married over 25 years. It's a good day to get hitched!
Enjoy your time outside.
Ellen in Oregon said…
Another great post. That is bitterly cold weather you are having. Maybe if we took your extreme cold temps. & added them to our crazy warm 60 degrees we could both have a nice average of 32 degrees. That way we would both have some middle of the road winter temps. How are Oakley & Annie doing after their latest "quilling" they got. I can't get that picture of Oakley's poor mouth out of my mind. Hope you all keep warm.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Believe it or not, Ellen....both dogs were fine 5 minutes after they woke up from sedation...and none the worse for wear. I swear, I'll never understand....and I think they will never learn. The hunt is more fun than the quills are painful, I guess. Have a great weekend!!
Lynne said…
Liked those doggie coats . . . I agree, the bright orange is my favorite too.
Enjoy your snow shoeing . . .
Thank you for delighting me with your answers!