We Are What We Eat

Yesterday I posted this article on my Facebook page.
I was happy that several friends shared the article on their page.
Now, while I feel the title of this article might be a bit hyperbolic,
the article offers a lot of insight into something that has troubled me for years.

The article discusses the potential dangers associated with the rampant use of Round-up
in our agricultural industry.
I could go on and on about agri-business and the victimization of the American consumer,
but I will resist.

What I will say is this...

farm fresh eggs from pastured chickens
One of the most intimate of all our daily activities is eating.
What we eat, and what that food contains has long lasting effects on the quality of our lives.

There are volumes that I could say on this subject.
But, I will resist.
I will leave you with this one request...and it's an excellent resolution for us all as 
we approach the coming new year....

Collards....still edible in the end of December
Take the time to become knowledgeable about the food that you eat.
Read labels.
Get to know your food intimately... where it comes from, how it's grown, etc.
Make changes in your diet accordingly.
It just might be the most important change you can make for your health.
( I know....it looks like I just gave you a list of things...but they all boil down to the same idea.)

You are what you eat.
You are what "what you eat" eats.
Real food is not a list of chemicals.

winter kale
I apologize for preaching.  I am passionate about food.
I will gladly continue this conversation with you....email me!

And now.... a little farm trivia.
Did you know?.....
that unlike most animals who rise from a reclining position first on their front legs and then by their back legs....

goats rise up on their hind legs first!
Then they get up on their front knees before standing up.
And that is why goats always have large, bare calluses on their knees.

Yesterday I finished my second Dragon Watcher's Hood....
(it's actually a much deeper red than this photo shows)

It is now in the mail going to its new home in Pittsburgh.

And last...do you remember the bell I found last summer while antiquing?
Here it is... hung and ready to chime...

This bell will call us home for dinner, and announce marriages and births and new years...
a new family tradition!


Tuesday said…
My husband and I finally realized our dream of land this summer. We bought 10 acres and have our first herd of livestock. Our goal is to eventually be able to raise much of our food to eat. We have realized as we are heading into middle age that it's going to be essential for our health to control what we nourish our bodies (and mind) with.
Your blog has been an inspiration, especially your beautiful gardens! Thank you for sharing! A happy, healthy New Year to you!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
this is so true. and a really good article. i believe this whole new gluten free thing is missing the point. people don't have gluten problems, they have additive/herbicide problems. the dragon watchers hood is wonderful! and the bell is terrific. when i was a kid my mother always called us home by ringing a bell.
Amen! I have been paying closer to the foods we eat... our own eggs, beef grass raised without antibiotics, organic produce, etc... for a while now. I also have converted some of my cleaning product use to biodegradable and as organic as possible.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you on the food issue and I would like to start eating more vegetables but I have no idea how to cook them! Any cookbook recommendations? I visited Freedom Farms in Butler the last time I was up to Pittsburgh visiting friends and they are passionate about the very things you describe and farm in a manner that is organic and responsible. I loved visiting there and the food I ate was the very best I have ever eaten! Thanks! Terri C
This N That said…
You are always inspiring!Love the bell. Nice to have new traditions.xxoo
Country Gal said…
In my farm days we didn't spray anything or use any kind of chemicals . Over here Round up is different it is diluted more for the consumer but for farmers there is a different stuff that is full strength and it is pet and a bird safe the farmers here have to have a special permit to buy it and use it ! Thanks for sharing , Lovely photos . Have a Happy New Year !
Unknown said…
I have very strong feelings and opinions on what is happening to our food, aka, Monsanto. I share your feeling strongly and have been reading labels and eating right for almost 40 years. I am proud to say my daughter has followed in my steps...yay!

Keep up the good work.
Lynne said…
Excellent message Beverly . . .
Remembering FRESH before FAST is a bright thought . . .
Love the BELL and your new tradition . . .
Happy New Year in Haven Land . . .
Bee Haven Bev said…
Terri....we eat a lot of vegetables. Salad, yes. I find that most vegetables are delicious either roasted in the oven, or sautéd on top of the stove in a little olive oil. I do not cook any of my vegetables in water...I don't even steam them anymore. They retain more of their nutrients if they are not cooked with water...and of course raw is always good. Here is a little nutritional tidbit. Carrots are really good for us....Vitamin A...Beta Carotene.... but we actually absorb the nutrients better in the case of carrots if the carrots are cooked first. I sauté my carrots in a little olive oil or roast them in the oven. Mmmmm, they are sweet and tasty!!!
Junebug said…
I so agree and you don't need large acreage to start. A city lot can produce a wonderful garden, even a chicken coop for you own eggs. The key is to get started and take control of your own life!
Love the dragon hat, SWOON! A great new tradition, ring that bell! Hugs!!
Anonymous said…
Check out any cookbooks by Susie Middleton. I think both of you will enjoy them.She also has a blog. Google sixburnersue to find her.
Unknown said…
I absolutely agree with you on food and eating the cleanest you can! It's made a huge difference in my life this year. I didn't know that about animals as far as getting up. I do know that when I get up it's hind legs first (knees) and then front legs (arms helping) before my feet follow. So guess I'm kind of like a goat in reverse LOLOLOL Love your new bell!
I love that last bell picture with the blue sky behind it--
I have worked on what not to eat since 1995 when my mum had ovarian cancer ( and yes she passed away from it) :-( I started by not eating foods with sodium nitrates in it --that had been her main diet it seemed!!
though I do cheat at times with bacon--but not often--then went food coloring--and then preservatives--I am a label reader!!! I live in a senior complex so no garden--but pretty much buy organic--am mostly a fish and chicken eater for meat--and only wild caught fish--
but always feel there is still room for more work on eating right!!
so thanks for the reminder to keep at it--
hugs, di and miss gracie
deodar said…
I totally agree with you. My awakening came as I walked my dogs every day. We take the same route and passed a cornfield. For several days it smelled like something died, then I noticed everything in the field was dying EXCEPT THE CORN!!! And now I'm expected to eat the meat and drink the milk of the animals that ate that corn? I don't think so. I will spend a little more for pastured meat with no antibiotics or hormones and vegetables raised without herbicides and insecticides and cut back somewhere else.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info. I am determined to eat better this year. I never make resolutions but I am resolving to eat more vegetables, one baby step at a time! Terri C
Unknown said…
Great post Beverly. I've witnessed first hand the rise of monsanto (I guess we all have) I remember very well as a young teenage walking beans (farmers would hire us in groves to walk through fields too high to cultivate and pull out the weeds) Now days this practice isn't necessary because of round up ready soy beans. So you are right to question this practice.

P.S. I love the Bell!! reminds me of home and my mother who also had a bell like that!