Mating Owls and Blubbering Goats

This time of year, when I head out to do morning chores,
this is what I hear in our woods....


Owls are definitely my favorite bird...
and Great Horned Owls are amazing creatures.
With a five foot wingspan and perfect vision, these silent fliers are hunting machines.
Amazing creatures!

Yesterday afternoon, there was lots of activity in the goat yard.

It seems that Dot is "in season"...
and Chip (though neutered) is quite interested.  

One good whiff of Dot, and Chip was a blubbering fool!

Silly Chip...silly one-horned Chip!
(he broke his horn off years ago head-butting one of the other boys)

While Chip was trying he best to attract Dot,
a few of the other goats were enjoying one of their favorite delicacies...

Evergreens are one of the goats' favorites.
It looks like Becky took her Christmas tree down.
Every year our Christmas trees get recycled this way.
When all of the needles are eaten, we grind up the trunks and use them as pine mulch for the horses.
Not much goes to waste around here!

In case you were wondering what our New Year's Eve plans are...
home by the fire... to bed early... tomorrow's another day, and the animals don't care much for us sleeping in!
Whatever you are safe!
And may all the best of the New Year be yours!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i've dated a few chips in my life. so cool about the owls! i will be sound asleep by 8:30. i've been up cooking since 4:00 this morning. the boys will be off to a hockey game.
Happy New Year from a favorite reader of your post--
love those animals-
hugs, di and miss gracie
Laura Sudderth said…
Oh, that chip is too cute. Happy New Year to you! Our mating owl season is in August. When I lived on the little farm, it was hard NOT to hear the happy coo coo's at 11pm at night. It was so cool to hear them.
Lynne said…
Too cute . . . Happy Quiet New Year Eve . . .