A Walk On The Wild Side.... Week 8

For the past seven weeks I have compared downloading photos from the trail cameras
to Christmas morning....packages filled with surprises.

This week however, is like one of those "lean" Christmases
in penny-pinching times.
Actually, this week there were thousands of packages to open...and thousands of empty boxes.
One camera took 2088 photos of the wind...
shadows moving on the ground from swaying treetops.

However on one particular night, this doe... 

and her girlfriend walked by that camera.

There was a photo of their return trip as well.

The second camera, placed at a more reliable crossroads in the woods,
captured this handsome guy.

Now, wait a minute there, fellow...
where's your other antler?
I guess that makes him ½ of an 8 point!
And would you please allow me to brush you a little?
You look just a little mangy!

Hmmmm..... a forest mystery!
Same buck....obviously....

Our little fox and all of those crazy opossums must be staying warm in their dens 
in this cold weather...
as there was not a single sighting of any of the usual smaller critters.

Did you notice that this camera also tells you what the temperature was at the time...
as well as the phase of the moon.
That way we can see if crazy things happen around full moon time!

My hopes for getting a bear photo diminish with each passing week.
As cold as it is now, I am sure the bear families are all happily napping!

PS....you crack me up!  Thanks for weighing in on the canine flatulence discussion yesterday.
I had lots of chuckles and also received some great ideas to try.
It's always nice to know I'm not alone!


Country Gal said…
I love these snaps of critters at night ! I bet all the other animals are warm a cozy and tell the deer they are nuts for venturing out lol Oh when we have animals and pets flatulence is just all part of life with them lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !
Lynne said…
There are several family members that are enjoying the Walk On The Wild Side!
A BEAR would be a treat to see.
Anonymous said…
I dont think that you will catch a bear as I think now they are hibernating till spring.

Annie v.
Junebug said…
Every week I also hope for a bear, I think it will be next Spring before that will happen. I think I'm starting to feel like a bear wanting to just hibernate in my house. Have a great weekend, hugs!!
This N That said…
I've been doing your comments on FB..Looks like they aren't happening!! Sorry you haven't seen a bear..You could name this Buck..Easy to tell him from the others..Enjoy your weekend!! Hugs