Making the World a Little Smaller

A question...
why do I blog?
One answer... because you are there... interested... reading what I write.
And yet...not.

I have asked myself this question often...
especially in times when I feel like there is nothing interesting happening.

And then I remember the days before living on the farm...
the days when I read about others' farms and lapped up every little detail.

Each and every chicken picture thrilled me.

I dreamed of cooking with the food that I had grown myself.

I dreamed of waking to the sound of a rooster crowing each morning,
and enjoying a breakfast of eggs that I had raised.
I dreamed of fresh air, wide open spaces, and the critters that would fill them.

And now I live the dream that I dreamed...
and it's every bit as fun and challenging and rewarding as I had hoped.

And so I blog to share it with you...
because just maybe you have the dream too....
and just maybe the thought of chickens in your yard is as exciting as it was (and still is) to me.

But even more than what I can share with you, 
is what you share with me!

Blogging has made the world a smaller place for me.

I now "know" so many like-minded folk from all over this country,
and even in other countries.
My quiet, rural life has grown rich with friends.

Yesterday I entertained Candice, her husband Richard from Texas
 and their friends Marv from California and Alan from Connecticut.

They brought me my very own Texas armadillo...

and I offered to send a good 'ole Pennsylvania porcupine home with them!

By the end of our lunch together, I felt like we were old friends.
I have my blog to thank for directing good people my way!

After lunch I realized that we had lost Sammy somewhere on our walk.
Guessing that he got locked in somewhere along the way,
I checked the indoor arena...

sure enough!

"Mom! forgot about me!"

In a time when there seems to be so much bad news...
I blog to share the good...
to reassure us all that there is a lot of peace and harmony and love
still left in this world!

Thanks for being a part of it!

While we are making the world a little smaller,
how about we make the world a little warmer, too.
I just finished these two new neck warmers...from the softest, warmest wool...
yes, cold weather is coming!


An American in Tokyo said…
I love your blog and all the chickens and critters and farm details!
Thank you for making the world a little smaller and warmer at the same time!
Tuesday said…
I have followed your blog for a couple of years now - during that dreaming of purchasing property for a farm phase of my life. We have had out little 10 acres for a few months and are quickly making progress. In just a couple of weeks we will be going from calling it a property to calling it a farm as we bring in our first livestock animals!
While our end goals are a bit different, we both have a love of sustainability and getting back to the earth and a more natural way of living in common. Thank you for sharing your farm life.
Peter said…
Thank you for sharing your beautiful life. I look forward to visiting every day.
Anonymous said…
Still hoping for the day Bev to visit you in person!!! Yes there is still some goodness in this world, thank heavens. I am lovin' your little neck pretty! Still have that lovely apron you most lovingly made for me in the Bees w/o Borders days :)

Farmgirl Sister hugs -
Amy McIntire
Junction City, OH
JudiB said…
Good Morning Bev. Well maybe some day a visit from Ontario. You never know where are lives will lead us. It is a lot of work writing a blog and looking after your furry/feathered friends but I know you enjoy every minute and so do all of us. I know I have made some great friends and what is special is they have the same feelings about nature and animals. It is so good to be able to reach out to people that "get" Enjoy the day. Thank you for taking the time.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
glad you had such a nice visit. i live vicariously through your blog! poor sammy, left behind! i've lost teddy in the gardens a few times. though she always knows where i am!
Unknown said…
Lovely have shared your beautiful farm with so many and helped them along the way. I really never thought I was interested in anything 'farm' but you changed that opinion. I would not have chickens, if not for you. Thank you.

Beautiful scarfs....and yes, I would be putting those to use this week, as it has started to get cold.

Glad you got to meet some blog friends. We (in blogland) are so fortunate!
This N That said…
Sweet post. Wonderful that you had blog visitors to the farm. You are proof that dreams come true. Have a wonderful day, Bev
Candice said…
Thank you for your kind hospitality, Bev. We enjoyed every minute of our visit with you and your furry & feathery family members. It was the highlight of our trip and we hope to be able to visit again someday soon. If you're ever in Austin, please know that our door is always open.
Country Gal said…
And I am glad you blog and share your farm life with us who are still dreaming of it and miss it from our child hood being raised on a farm . Wonderful post and photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !
Junebug said…
Isn't it wonderful how you come across a blog and know you have found home. I have lived my dream of owning land and critters through you. I wake up each day with excitement to see what you and all the animals are doing today. Poor Sam but at least you didn't get a call from your daughter like I did Saturday night. After a very busy grand daughter birthday with all the grands, the adults going out for some time while I watch all seven. Long story short midnight driving home and my daughter calls about forgetting this while fluffy dog. So turn around I go!! So poor Sam and poor Jackson! Hugs!!
I thank you for living your dream and then taking the time to share your 'dream' with others!!
I dream your dream--though I know it would never be possible for me to actually do that dream--
but--every day I get a 'bit' of the dream though you and my other farm blogs--
thanks again--
hugs, di and miss gracie
Ando said…
You blog so that all of us can peer into your special world. What a piece of heaven it is! Thanks
My sentiments exactly, from my farm to yours.. thank you for sharing -
Diane C said…
Thanks Bev, for your always wonderful blog. I love your thoughts, I love your critter pictures. I love that I can see what you're up to, and forget the awful news of the world for awhile. Thank you for keeping things sane and lovely out there in the country!
Good evening Bev,
Your blog has always brought a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart... It is a wonderful life you have on the farm..
Poor little Sammy.. Glad you found him safe and sound... What a wonderful day you had...
Great photo... You look lovely!
OH! I love your neck warmers!
Katmom said…
Oh Bev, your blog to me is a respite, a moment to un-clutter, un-plug from the tasks of daily routine,,, I so enjoy reading your blog,,, it let's me have a moment with you, and the critters... until I do finally make it out to PA.
Hogz & Squishes!
Lynne said…
Love seeing your joy and warmth as I peek in quickly between travels.
Anonymous said…
I have the privilege of being Candice's friend, and I know her visit to Bee Haven Acres was the highlight of her trip. I grew up on a farm in the Midwest, and your photos and comments bring back fond childhood memories. Living a rural lifestyle is the best, and I'll be following you too. Thank you.

mrscravitz said…
Well I ready your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! I enjoy reading about your dreams, and yes I have had these dreams too! I am accomplishing a few of them at a time. But your blog is an inspiration for me! I get ideas! I learn new things. Totally love it! and THANK YOU! for sharing.
Unknown said…
Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I love your stories and all the animals that I can't have here in the metro area. Living vicariously through you! Hugs!