The Weekend Wrap-Up

It is hard to encapsulate a weekend that was so very full
into just one blog post...but I will try.

Our rainy stretch continued through the weekend with showers every evening
until finally on Sunday the sun seemingly came out to stay.

We spent much of the weekend preparing the farm for a big party...
but  I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Saturday Hubbs and I headed to a tiny country town for its annual
antiques festival. 
And there we found a treasure!

We found this turn of the century (very early 1900's)
Edison phonograph.

I am lucky to own an Edison Diamond Disc phonograph from the same era
that was my grandparents.  
It sits beneath the new phonograph in our guest bedroom and, once the crank is wound,
still plays the thick records of the day.

The phonograph we bought on Saturday is the earliest version, 
that plays a wax tube rather than a record.

What a treasure!
This is what it sounds like...please excuse the sideways video...
it is just to give you an idea of the sound...

Then on Sunday we hosted a birthday party for our (newly married) Andy
who just turned 30!

The picnic pavilion was filled with friends and family for a cookout...

birthday cupcakes...

followed by volleyball, badminton and yard games of all varieties.

Of course, our favorite (and only) grandson, Tyler was there for the festivities.

Then, after the festivities and clean up, the chickens had a feast...
Ivanka worked for a few minutes on the empty shell of a watermelon fruit basket.

Then, the rest of the chickens had their turn.

And eventually, there was nothing left of it!

While we are on the subject of recycling, I must show you what I found in our grocery store.

These plates in the muck bucket were used for our picnic and are on their way to the
compost pile.
They are made from 100% vegetable material and are completely compostable.
They are quite thick and quite durable and hold up well to a large plate of food.
I hate using throw-away picnic ware, so this is a great alternative!
Oh, and please excuse the horse poop!

What a whirlwind of a weekend!
But here it is Monday and the farrier is coming...
so I will be spending the morning in the barn.
Hope your day is great!


Shelley said…
There's a great life lesson to be learned from Ivanka. This week she's my favorite animal on your farm!
daisy g said…
Sounds like a lovely party. I hope you enjoy the week ahead!
This N That said…
I managed to stretch my 82 pictures out into three posts. It was a fun party and I was happy to be part of it. I'm glad the chickens enjoyed the watermelon. I would hate to have seen that go to waste. As paper plates are wonderful I can attest to that especially full of all your wonderful food. The phonograph was a wonderful find. It's beautiful. Thanks again!
TNwoman said…
Beverly, where do you get all that energy? It sounds like you had a great weekend
Junebug said…
Ha, Ha, love it! A bucket full of horse poop!!! I'm sure glad you explain the recycle picnic ware. Sounds like a great weekend and what find you scored! Enjoy your day, Hugs!!

Lynne said…
Looks like the best kind of day . . . SUNSHINE too for the party.
Love your new phonograph . . . Quite the find!
I will check out the picnic ware, (without the horse poop!)
A grand time was had by all.. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Beverly.