Rain Dance

With gardens that needed watering,
I geared up (yesterday) for what was to be a rainy day.
You might remember that I planned to use the rainy day as a day in my garden...

However, the day proved sunny, hot and humid.

I did my level best throughout the day to perform a rain dance.
And dance as I did...no rain appeared on the horizon.
So, I weeded the garden in the sun...
moist from sweat instead of rain!

Then, later in the afternoon, when I had all but given up on the rain...
I headed out in the gator to the barn to do some chores.
I looked over my shoulder and this is what I saw behind the house...

rain clouds!
I stopped by the rooster coop to check on the boys...

A sure sign that rain was coming...the boys had retired early.

No sooner had I gotten to the barn when the skies opened up... rain...glorious rain!

Ivanka ducked under a lawn chair for protection from the raindrops.

Moonbeam and the Littles sought shelter beneath the barn roof,

while Donnie and Scarlet stood out in the rain.
Silly ponies!

And then CRASH, Boom...and a torrential downpour ensued.
It rained so hard that even the ponies sought shelter.

And Ivanka headed for the barn.

As for me, I ran back to the gator and drove to the safety of the house
to enjoy the storm from the front porch.

The good news is...
I can take watering the gardens off of my list of chores for today.
And if you by any chance need rain in your part of the world...
I will do a little rain dance for you, too!
Apparently it works!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
i had that same rain sans the thunder. it poured like i was in the tropics. i thought my pool was going to flood! i do love not having to water though!
Perhaps theres a dance to make it stop raining? Its been raining here daily for weeks! After this last winter the clouds are not welcome!! Afterall this is Northern Indiana not Seattle.
Lynne said…
And the rain helps GREEN things up perfectly!
Watering Helios, but not like the rain!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like our days as well. Hot and humid with late afternoon thunder followed by rain. Still doesn't cool things off very much, but I do so love storms.
colleen said…
Good Morning. Still following you every morning but seems to be too much to be done to comment. Love those roos,they are so handsome!! Been cold and rainy in our neck of the woods...Supposed to warm up and be really hot in the next week...I'm talking cool enough on some of the rainy days that a pair of wool socks feels really good. I can cross one thing of my list...NO rain dancing!! Take care and as always thanks for sharing your farm!!
BaileyWife said…
YEAH FOR RAIN, same goes here! I just love getting caught up on your farm tails! :) And now that it is raining here also, I have time to catch up! ~Kim
This N That said…
Glad your rain dance worked. It worked all the way down here. Silly you out in the rain taking pictures. Your animals are smarter than you are. I love watching the rain as well. Hope you didn't get too wet.
diane c. said…
Whats up with Ivanka? She's not looking so good. We will try to send you some of the rain we keep getting in Wisconsin....our poor farmers are so far behind this year and their crops are washing out.
This N That said…
Guess I can't comment on a blog with an IPad..Gotta check..or I forgot to "Publish"..Any how..Your animals seem to have more sense than you an know when to come out of the rain..Your porch is the perfect place to sit and watch a storm..