No Fooling!

Happy, happy April 1st!!
Although I have something to crow about...

I am going to whisper it to you.

I hate to jinx myself by proclaiming this loudly.
Come a little's just the best news.

Spring has arrived.

After fearing for weeks that perhaps this would be the year that Mother Nature
might play a cruel joke and skip spring altogether...
I think it might have finally arrived.

With temps around 60 yesterday afternoon,
I shed my winter jacket and headed outside to work in the yard
with nothing but a long sleeved shirt and jeans.

I had forgot how free one could feel without the confines of snow pants, sweatshirt, jacket, hat, 
scarf and gloves.

I spent the afternoon in the company of my friends,
happily cleaning out garden boxes...
sending last year's leftover dead growth to the compost pile.

Farm chores are always a pleasure to do...
with so much company and comic relief!

Everyone came out yesterday afternoon to commune with me.

And in case you were wondering what Sam is up to?

Well, apparently one of the barn kitties used this garden box as a litter box...
so Sam is unearthing a few kitty "truffles" for a mid afternoon snack.
His morning snack was "kitty almond rocca" from the barn litter box.

I told you before...
Sammy, whom I love with all my heart, is the grossest dog ever!

Since we are working in the box next to the greenhouse,
let's take a little look inside.

Well, I will take this as proof that Spring has indeed arrived.
Look at all that green starting to emerge!

Next stop...fairy garden.
I think it's time to make sure that the fairies have woken from their winter slumber.
With all this garden work that needs to be done,
I will surely need their help!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
it is wonderful isn't it? i am ready to grow stuff!!! i cleaned my patio area yesterday and it felt strange to be outside for so long!
Country Gal said…
WOOHOO ! it has here to , isn't it wonderful ! I was out all day with no coat it was awesome ! Thanks for sharing and Happy April .
Lynne said…
Happy "it's really spring!" Loved seeing your friends with you during springtime clean up. TMI . . . about Sammy but he is still one of the "loved haven bunch!"
colleen said…
I'm just catching up on your last few posts...sure glad I did!! The shawl came out it!! Nice to see you out and about with all the animals. I think spring has sprung for you and that must be a wonderful feeling...Your green house is a nice reminder of the work to come. Looks like you had a fun weekend and a joyous birthday...HaPpY BeLaTeD bIRtHdAy!! I hope it isn't too late to ask you a question...I really want to have a small fairy garden..have an oval galvanized tub that I want to it won't be very big. Can you please tell me what types of flowers/plants to use? and how to keep them from taking over?? Thanks
jaz@octoberfarm said…
quick question? are ginger and maryann kunekunes?
Junebug said…
So happy to see Spring in your part of the world. Looks like the animals are also happy. We are getting some warm Spring rains with sun peeks! Hugs!!
This N That said…
Happy April to you too...And yes, I would keep that Happy Spring thing at a whisper..Even your pictures look bright and crisp..Still cold in the mornings but we're lovin' these afternoons..Enjoy xxoo
Unknown said…
Oh no - I don't think Sammy is the grossest dog ever! That title would belong to my Shadow who follows my Lucy around like he thinks she's a vending machine! LOL Spring is absolutely here in Georgia - it was in the mid to high 70s yesterday. YEA!
Love all the critters... especially those piggies! Enjoy the beauty of the month.