Control Freak

If you've read my blog for a while,
you might have figured out that I like a certain amount of control in my world.
And if there is one thing that farm life has taught me...
it's that there isn't much in life over which we actually have any control at all.

Number one on the list of uncontrollable?
The weather!
It's raining cats and dogs here today (and yesterday).
Underground springs are bubbling up to the surface and water is running everywhere.

Some of us don't have a choice, and must venture out in the rain to work.'s amazing how big one's nose looks at this angle!
Others, have a choice and chose the wet.

Some don't even seem to notice.

Others prefer the warm and dry and request room service.

Others won't venture out...

 until it's dry.

The second lesson that farm life has taught me?
If you can't control it...
embrace it!

Meanwhile, the greenhouse is full of plants that are ready to go into the garden.

Our nights are still too cold,

so it will be a couple of weeks until we are free from the threat of frost.

Actually, the lettuce and broccoli above will go into the ground as soon as the rain stops.


Carla said…
I think we should exchange weather. I have sunny days at 85*-90* and warm nights, but are in a terrible, terrible drought.
Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous of your beautiful greenhouse and plants. We've been getting that rainy weather too. The goats here are not amused.
This N That said…
Hope you are enjoying your day..Got your fins and water wings with you?? Your nose fits you..:)..Just a bad angle..You could be blessed with your Dad's nose !!..I'm with the Turkeys and the Donkeys but , like you, I have to go out..
Unknown said…
Yep, trying to take the reins is never easy in the spring! It will happen, it's just a bit early yet. On that note, I am off to take in the sun...and 77 degree weather...YAY!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
we haven't had very heavy rain yet but i think it is coming tonight. i also think our chances of frost are pretty much over. am i going to regret saying this?
Leenie said…
Been following your blog for a few weeks and love it. Keep up the great posts. Wishing you (and me) some warmish weather soon.
Laura Sudderth said…
I will send you some of our 90 plus weather if you send me some of your rain. Hugs.
happyone said…
Everything looks so nice and green and ready for planing. At least it's not snowing again. : )
Susannah said…
Your lettuce is beautiful...almost ready to eat! We had to plant some in large pots and move them in and out of the garage every day. Wish all this rain would go away!
Yes Bev, it just the angle... You are so funny.. .You really look quite lovely.. You are a beautiful woman, so hard to look any different.
Wow! You sure do have plants ready to put in the ground... They are just beautiful.. and I love all your farm companions...
Lynne said…
Things are really green and growing . . . we are still brown and dry . . . we need some of your rain!