Favorite Day of the Week

Do you have a favorite day of the week?
is Sunday!
Hands down.  Best day.  Entire week.

We usually reserve Sunday as a family day.
We try to always stay home...and love when family comes for a farm visit.

But even on the quiet Sundays when we are home alone,
the day is perfect.

Yesterday was one such day.
We slept in (until 7 AM!) and then went out to do AM chores.
Egg cleaning, farm breakfast, and a few household chores rounded out the morning.

Our afternoon was productive.

I knitted by the fire,
and did the afternoon feeding.

Hubbs deconstructed our winter-damaged platform tent
and burned the splintered tent poles.

We will be ordering new poles, mending the tent, and rebuilding early this summer.

Amanda made homemade herbed Chèvre from local goats milk.

I love goat cheese if it's not too "goaty"...
and this was perfect!

We had it for late afternoon hors d'oeuvres with locally-made whole grain crackers
and a little red wine.
Splendid end of the day!

Our weather remains a little chilly and partly sunny.
The farm remains quite muddy.

The only visible sign of spring, thus far, is the emergence of new growth 
on our Saffron crocus.
I can hardly wait to harvest our own saffron this year!

And in the greenhouse, seeds are popping up...

and left...

We had a visit (at the house) from a couple of turkey dudes.
They rarely come to the house, but yesterday followed us home.

I was eager to see how our Roos would react to the turkeys,
but they acted as though they weren't even there.
Go figure.

Saturday afternoon was spent helping our Andy and his fiancé Ashley move into
their new house.

This is an exciting year for this couple...
with a new house and a wedding in June!

How about you...
what is your favorite day of the week,
and why???


colleen said…
Good Morning. What a wonderful Sunday. Sounds like so much fun things packed in. Homemade crackers and cheese sounds yummy and the knitting is coming along nicely. Your sons house is gorgeous..congrats to them. We are still buried in snow. Only 2 degrees this am and I'm thinking I'm not looking forward to mud season. I started a few flower seeds this weekend. Will be uplifting to see a few seedlings poke through. You have a super duper week.
daisy g said…
Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love each day, and each part of the day as well. There's something good about it all! Enjoy your week-Sunday will be back again! ;0)
Junebug said…
It was a glorious weekend here. The temps almost made it to 70 and I worked in the yard for two wonderful days. Here is the only problem, sore muscles! I think I sat around way too much this winter. My favorite day is also Sunday. On Saturday I normally run around like a crazed women getting all my weeks errands done so that Sunday is a day for fun. Here's to a great week, Hugs!!
Unknown said…
Thursday. It is my first day off from work and nobody bothers me on this day.
Unknown said…
Chevre cheese is my all time favorite. You certainly have a bunch of talented people in your family. My favorite day of the week is usually Saturdays...until football season arrives, then it is always Sundays....sometimes Monday nights, sometimes Thursday nights....
Have a wonderful week. We are supposed to go from 80 degree weather (today) to rain on Wednesday....rain rain rain, we need it.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i did a walkaround and was surprised by how little spring i am seeing. i moved my rhubarb last fall and was sure it would be popping up but no sign of it at all. not chard, not even chives which i also moved. only my hellabores and snowdrops are up. congrats to your son for getting a great new house!
Country Gal said…
Looks and sounds like a lot of good things happening in your neck of the woods . I would have to say Sunday as well as it is a family day for us here to where we relax and putter . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !
Unknown said…
I really like Saturdays, it's all the household chores...that wait all week for some reason...even though I am retired...how did that happen? There is just a life rhythm that can't be ignored. Love your afghan! Pretty colors.
Katmom said…
What's my favorite day of the week? any day spent with family & friends!
Oh,,, and I have discovered the best "Lavender Goat Cheese" which is uber hard to find,,, but I got lucky at Trader Joes awhile back... have not seen it since... bummer.. great on crustini bread! YUM!
p.s., remember the little 'nest' you sent me, about 3 years ago? well I placed it outside on the mini barn wall (in a metal tub) and go figure,,, our silly/thieving mountain blue birds stole it,,, strand by strand... there is only a couple of twigs left from the nest!... the good news is they used it to build their nest in the birdhouse about 20feet away... hows that for recycling? lol!
Lynne said…
Wonderful photos, love that blue sky in the new home picture.
I have two favorite week days, friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Friday Eve a no plan night . . . but time together. Sunday afternoon for being home, reading newspapers and books . . . and often a long walk. Best times indeed!
This N That said…
I have to say that I probably don't have a favorite day..It used to be Sunday..Snuggling in to bed at night is my favorite time of day..Sounds like your Sunday was perfect..I remember last summer when the turkeys came up for a swim...well, almost..Have a splendid week..