Visitors From Down Under

There was excitement in the air yesterday morning as I tended to chores.
(There was also a chill in the was about 20 degrees!)

We were scheduled to have some special visitors from Australia,
and all of the horses were anticipating an extra dose of attention.

"Are they here yet?" 
asked Moonbeam from the stall where he had been enjoying his breakfast.

Animals are really great at "photobombing".

"How do I look?" asked Ollie.

"You all look great."  I replied,  "They should be here any minute."

And sure enough it wasn't long until our friend Nancy arrived
with her son Sven and granddaughter Neila.

Neila, who was three, was eager to meet the horses...
and maybe take a little ride.

Donnie Brascoe volunteered for pony rides.

Neila was smitten.

We spent a little time with Daphne and Chloe...

 who are always happy to entertain.

The pigs were a little intimidating for Neila,

but she soon warmed up to them.

They, of course, were in heaven having guests.

And didn't miss an opportunity to ask for belly rubbing!

We walked up to the pastures to visit with the goats.

Sadly, we were out of Ritz no treats this time.

Viewing turkeys was fine from the safety of Daddy's arms.

Our tour ended back at the barn,
with an extra special one on one goodbye from Red.

Our animals always enjoy visitors...
as much, I think, as visitors enjoy them!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
out of ritz crackers? how could you??? hahaha! what a wonderful experience for everyone at the farm!
Country Gal said…
I love seeing kids and farm animals together ! Wonderful photos , I am sure they enjoyed the farm . I know I would . Thanks for sharing . It is rainy and gloomy here today temps are 45°F warm for us for this time of year . Have a good weekend !
Junebug said…
How fun to spend a day at the farm. From the pics I'm not sure who was enjoying it more. 30 here but the sun will be out soon! Love these cold crisp mornings! Hugs!!
This N That said…
Out of Ritz crackers..!! Oh no!!!..Cute little girl..Have a smashing (poor choice of words) weekend..Stay warm..
Ellen in Oregon said…
Looks like everyone had fun with the little cutie from down under. NO RITZ!!! I always though you had half the barn filled with boxes of Ritz for bribing, I mean giving out as treats to all good animals. Everyone looked fabulous & ready to greet the visitors. I hope Ginger & Mary Anne convinced Neila that they are the cutest & sweetest ladies on the farm. I know they loved any & all the attention they could get. Have you ever added up the number of kids that got their first look at farm-life at Bee Haven Acres?