It's What's For Dinner

We are very fortunate to have some terrific local meat sources.
And for the past several years, I have not had to buy meat in the grocery store.
A neighbor raises our pastured poultry... chicken and turkey...
so that we don't have to eat our own sweet hens, roosters, or turkeys.
Tom and Chuck are quite happy about that!

Our pork comes from a farm that is about a mile away.
They raise pastured pigs and call us after butchering.
We don't tell Ginger and MaryAnn...
but I am sure they are grateful to never be considered "dinner".

As for beef...
until recently, we had a great source of local grass fed beef.
That source may have dried up,
so we have decided to try bison as a replacement.
I have actually used bison burger instead of hamburger for years,
and can really tell no difference.

We took a trip to our local bison farm and bought an assortment of cuts to try...
a few steaks and roasts.
There is barely any marbling or fat on any of the cuts.
I'll let you know what we think.

I did want to show you a few pictures from the bison farm
These animals (beasts, really) are quite impressive...
and quite intimidating!

The same farm also has a friendly llama.
Isn't he just the cutest?
Look at those eyes!
And those cute little llama lips!

Even though llamas can be a little difficult,
(those cute little lips like to spit at unsuspecting visitors)
I would certainly consider adding one of these to the farm...

 as opposed to one of these!

I noticed burrs on all of the bison.
I suppose it might be a little difficult to groom these guys!
But, I think I'd like to try.

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jaz@octoberfarm said…
i will be interested in hearing what you think of the roasts and steaks. i feed teddy bison a lot. that is the cutest llama!
daisy g said…
What a wealth of local resources you have where you are! I hope we are able to find local free-range poultry when we move.
I'd love for you to share this on the Maple Hill Hop today!
This N That said…
Tried Bison long ago..wasn't crazy about the burgers so have reverted to beef..I don't eat them that often but there is nothing better than a big, juicy hamburger...Anxious to see what you think...I never season anything which I'm sure, makes all the difference..
Junebug said…
Hummm, I tried Bison steak and it make a difference how you prepare it. It is delicious on the grill with seasoning, but can dry out fast if over cooked. I always mixed my hamburger 1/2 and 1/2 with beef. Bison prices have skyrocketed around here so beef it is for me.
Sara said…
Had a wonderful bison steak while visiting Montana last summer. So flavorful. They are certainly very large and interesting creatures, saw many while visiting Yellowstone. Just beautiful.

What about adding an alpaca?! Then you could knit alpaca wool sweaters, the winter :)
Country Gal said…
Bison is popular here in Ontario with in the Native Indian reserves and we can by it if we want to . Bison is leaner then beef and has more goodness to it as well ! It is tasty ! We are not big beef eaters but do enjoy a free ranged or as they call it now a days organic same thing really lol steak every now and then . Lovely photos . So your farm is more of a hobbie farm , I was raised on a farm living off of the land and live stock ! Papa and I one day would like to have our own hobbie farm . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !
Mary Ann said…
Beverly, please take my advice and get an already-halter-broken llama... don't make the mistake we did and have them loose for four years, except for llama shearing (Rodeo) day!
Stephane said…
Just a heads up, not only do llamas spit, their manure does not compost. They do tend to use the same area for awhile though.
Stephane said…
Just a heads up, llamas not only spit. their manure doesn't compost either
happyone said…
Those bison are pretty impressive guys!!
Ellen in Oregon said…
My sister agreed to take in a pair of rescued lamas on her farm & after a year of bad behavior they are now living with a large pack of lama's & new caretakers. My sister shed no tears when they left. The horses, donkey & lamas had to share a large pasture and the lamas spent their waking hours plotted against the donkey and a poor 38 yr & old Shetland pony & made their lives miserable. Lots of biting, nipping at tails and chasing every other animals & fowl in the pasture. Even after dividing the pasture in two with a fence, those two lamas continued to intimidate all the other animals. If I had to pick between a lama & a bison, I would go with the bison because they do not seem intelligent enough to be plot against man & beast.
I will be interested to hear what you think of the bison. They raise a lot of bison out here and I have used the ground meat and the taste seemed vary quite a bit. Some is flavorful and others do not have much taste at all and need more seasoning. I have not had the steaks and wonder if they will be flavorful since they are so lean.
I hope everyone at Bee Haven Acres has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Hi Ellen! No worries, I have no plans to adopt a llama!!
We had the bison steaks last night and they were delicious. Tender and juicy, but no fat....amazing. These people seem to be able to do this well...raising tasty bison. I am really happy with this meat and plan to order more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!!
Llamas are excellent watch-animals to look after your other farm friends!
I have been looking for a bison farm in my area but alas have had not a lot of luck - lot's of pig, cow and chicken, but few bison. We've got the farms, they are just pretty far out - tough to travel. But the meat is so good! And better for us than cow....
I think Bison are the most beautiful things to look at. Stately, solid. No-nonsense!
I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!
Abby Frances said…
I would love to see more pictures of the Bison! I remember seeing them in Michigan when I was younger and I loved it. I was always fascinated at how they can be so powerful yet graceful at the same time!
Unknown said…
Very impressive! Beautiful animals for sure. I love Bison burgers, they are by far, my favorites!
DLish said…
What a gorgeous llama!