Sundays are such special days on the farm...
 usually reserved for time with family.

The days are much the same...

morning chores followed by a huge farm breakfast.
This weeks menu included Greek (duck egg) omelets, local bacon,
 fresh blueberries and strawberries,
and homemade sticky buns (the best ever!)

If you are in the mood, the cinnamon roll recipe is from here, and the sticky topping
is from here.
You will thank me for this....I promise!

After breakfast we walked (to burn off the sticky buns) to see the animals.
Tyler had an Easter Egg hunt at the duck pond...

finding a few eggs that the ducks had laid that morning.

To a three year old, something as simple as a duck egg is a wonderful treasure!

"More duck eggs, Geemie!" Tyler squealed with delight.

We walked up to see the goats and chickens.

Maddie brought a ball in hopes of a game of fetch.


 Tyler willingly obliged.
"Stay, Maddie!" as he pointed a bossy finger at her.

"Baby goats!!"

Gracie visits with the girls...

Missy is a bit wary of visitors, and prefers that her babies stay with her.

"Uh oh...RUN! comes the little boy!" Missy cries as she scampers off,
kids in tow!

While we were having fun with the animals, Muppy and Uncle Andy
and Uncle Tim were doing manly chores with the wood chipper.

And still Spring remains elusive.
By the time you read this we will have received another wintry mix of
snow and sleet.

If anyone knows where Spring is hiding, could you please send her our way?

I also wanted to share another blog with you.
Our Amanda, resident Bee Haven Acres Registered Dietician,
has started writing her blog again.
She is a good writer and has packed her blog with useful "foody" information
as well as farm stories.
You can check her out....HERE!


Yesterday it felt like spring here in Massachusetts. This morning, not so much. I love your tradition of Sunday family breakfast. The goat babies are as cute as ever.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a perfect easter egg hunt! we got a big dump of heavy snow!
Anke said…
If you find Spring, let me know...;-) Cold, windy and just plain yucky here these last few days. This time last year, I had my garden planted! Wonder when I'll be able to do it this year...
Meghan Grace said…
Some of Tyler's very earliest happy memories will be of the time he spent at his grandparent's farm. What a super cool place for him to hang out and learn about life! Hugs, Meghan
Junebug said…
Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me, family, food and adventures! Happy to tell you we got Spring this past weekend!! Yeah,it was in the sixties and sunny. Of course I was gone to my sisters so no working in the yard for me.

I sooooooo enjoyed it so I'm really trying to send it your direction also!!! Hugs!
Unknown said…
Those sticky buns look so GOOD! Spring is in Northern California...72! I will send it your way.
This N That said…
Yummy looking sticky buns...Looks like another memory making Sunday..Good times..
Country Gal said…
Yup looking for spring here to seems to of missed us lol ! Lovely photos . I do like the photo of you all at the table lovely home ! Glad you had a wonderful Sunday with the family . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
Anonymous said…
I think Spring fell asleep under an old log somewhere and forgot to wake up this year!
TNwoman said…
Sunday looked like you had a great day. Here in Tn spring is also hiding, it is march 25, and we have had snow showers all day.
Robyn said…
What a perfect day you had.. You have a lovely family.. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL an Maddie? Instant love!.. Im also going to start visiting Amanda's blog too. Looks interesting! :)
So nice to keep family grounded together these days! We had a family weekend with hubby's family!

Now, that's what I call an Easter egg hunt! Yikes, it was nice not to see those plastic colored eggs! LOL!!!

Gracie is just adorable! I LOVE the goats, especially the babies!!!
C-ingspots said…
Thank you so much for sharing your family Sunday with us...heartwarming and wonderful! Loved the tour and seeing the animals, and your adorable grandson. Simple, but special times are the best times.
Lynne said…
Those sticky buns are making way into my recipe file. Yum!

What fun your Family Sunday must be! Conversations and some laughs together, good food, some tree trimming and visits with the animals. Make for a great day!