A Day...Like Any Day

At the end of every day,
after all of the work is done,
I sit down at my computer and upload the pictures from the day.
(I take pictures every single day!)

It is from these captured moments that I pull my blog post for the next day.
(And you all thought I was up at 4 AM writing my blog!)
I am up early each morning....but not quite that early. 

Sometimes I have a story to share, sometimes just a feeling,
and once in a while something will ignite a spark of passion about a particular subject.
At this particular moment, there is a miss-mash of minutia to share,
with no common theme.

Our snow has melted.
Yesterday's weather was rather bipolar...
and changed every 15 minutes.
A few hours of sunlight raised the mercury to 50 degrees.
(And yes, the snow melted!!)

I shed my jacket and got to work...
cleaning chicken houses X2...

grooming Donnie Brasco 
and trimming his hooves...

digging peat moss into two of my garden boxes...

Along the way I thought of things that I wanted to share with you.

Turkey wars...game on....again!
Tom, the aggressor, is on house arrest...again.

Feeding time in the goat pen....bedlam.
The chickens have learned that each goat gets a Ritz cracker treat as I fill the dishes.
And so, as I extend my Ritz filled fingers, the chickens jump two feet into the air
trying to snatch the crackers before the goats can get them.
Crazy bedlam, I tell you.

Chloe and Daphne would like me to tell you that the First Lady has nothing on them.

They had bangs before they were popular!

This next picture is a great illustration of their almost prehensile upper lip.
They use their lip like a finger to pick up a single piece of hay.

One of the hens has gone AWOL...
laying eggs in the goat houses... again.

This is the scene every afternoon as I take feed to Missy and her twins.
Sammy sits patiently at the fence,
hoping one of them will come to play with him.

This dog has amazing focus, and would sit here staring for hours.
(Note the two scabbed bite wounds on his nose...last week's fox incident residual.)

"Maaaaa," says Missy (who has yet to lose her baby weight or her winter coat),
"You can sit there staring all day, dog...."

"There's no way I'm letting you play with my kids!"

Meanwhile, the kids retire to their warming hut for a nap.

Poor Sammy....

Well, it's been great catching up.
Now I better get busy... I have two more horses to groom and trim hooves...
not to mention about 20 garden boxes to awaken!
Have a great day today, okay?
What's on your agenda?


Country Gal said…
I was up at 4am this morning as poor Miggs was sick , she is ok now but once I wake up I can't go back to sleep at that time so Papa went into work early and I , well lets just say was a couch potato for a bit had my tea and now am taking the time to read and go over blogs ! Wonderful photos your day was full as I expect every day there is full but a good kind of full. I can spend hours with the animals even if it is just sitting with them after all the chores have been done ! Have a good day !
Anonymous said…
wish I had a warming hut like the kids. Can't seem to warm up lately. Ouch on the fox bite. We have a fox in our are as well and I worry about the pups since rabies run rampant in this county. Always something new to worry about I guess.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
it snowed overnight and it is snowing right now. poor sammy...maybe eventually he will get to play with the new kids? i have so much to do in my gardens that i can hardly think about it.
Junebug said…
Oh my, such happy pictures from the farm. Just seeing the animal makes my day. You know I do live my farming adventures through you and your tails!!!!

Maybe my sun dance is working. I sure have been jiving!!! Hope you can dig in some dirt today!! Hugs!
Lynne said…
Loved the visit . . . each personality . I like my dogs!
I think he needs a romp around friend, maybe looking in the wrong places . . .???
Anonymous said…
Fox bite I can tell you some story with our dog that got bitten by a fox. A nightmare with the Goverment officials asking us to put up a 6 foot fence and having one person feed our dog Ginger. Or have her quarintine elsewhere for 6 months. And she had had her proper needles before by Vet. It did not matter.

Oh well it is not my blog so will say I do enjoyed your farm animal photos this morning and your pretty dog . Thank you. I have been off for a day or so in my art room.
Cindy said…
How did you get to 50 yesterday?! We got up to 40 and a little meltage. Hopefully this weekend we'll see the last of the snow and the first of some flowers. My raised beds are not ready to work though:(
Unknown said…
You are just amazing, your energy....well, I just can't imagine where it all comes from. Wish I had a 10th of it. Love the pictures...beautiful as always.
Kris said…
How I love my daily visits to you and your farm. Makes me feel like I am there. Love the bangs!!! I tried Ritz with my chickens and they wouldn't even try them!! Silly girls. They don't know what they are missing!
Glad your snow is gone!
xo Kris
Anonymous said…
Good grief, Lady, do yo EVER rest? I would like to have a blood transfusion from you! I can hardly believe you do all the things you do - farm chores, cooking, sewing, gardening and building fences!!!! I received my apron and it is beautiful. I will wear it at an art retreat in April and I know everyone will love it (maybe you will get some more orders after my fashion show)!!! Only one small problem.....you forgot to put a baby goat, pig and cat in the box??? QueenMarcy
This N That said…
I don't know where to start commenting on this post..SO much..I've forgotten the beginning already..I was a wake at 5 this AM..Must be the full moon.
I'll bet the chickens are happy with their clean houses.
Donny looks very handsome..
I guess the turkeys are feeling the effects of the full moon..or something.
The donkeys bangs look great..All ready for the Easter parade..
Poor Sam..Missy just won't give him a break.
Did I miss anything??? Probably...
Love your pictures..