The News....Short Version

Today's post will be short and sweet...
as it is too hard to type with the ugly finger.

I had several requests for a recipe for Amanda's "braided" dinner.

She did not use a recipe for this dinner, sadly.
Basically, she made a whole wheat bread recipe, let it rise, punched it down
and rolled it out. 
Then she filled it with cooked chicken, parsnips, sweet potatoes(from last summer's garden)
 and chard ribs
in a zesty honey mustard sauce that she created.
Slits cut in the two outer thirds of the rolled out dough were braided back across
the center, covering the filling.
Baked til golden brown.

Yesterday, I mixed up some sweet yeast dough

let it rise, rolled it out...


and made....

I frosted them with a cream cheese frosting.

As for Myrtle (on left), no babies yet.
She is huge and the babies are moving all over the place.
Any day now....

Chloe seems to be doing fine with respect to her sore foot.
She is barely limping now.

And.... pavilion construction is complete.
It will be stained a walnut brown once warmer weather has arrived.

Sorry for the brevity of this post.
I will be back to snuff once the throbbing has left my finger.


jean said…
So sorry about your finger! Hope it heals quickly. I'm glad Chloe's foot is doing better. The donkeys look like they are mirroring. Looking forward to seeing the new babies. The mamas look so ready : ) Your pavilion looks like it will be lovely! And, oh, those cinnamon rolls look so delicious. If only I didn't have celiac disease. Just cannot handle grain gluten : ( Hope your day goes well, Beverly.
Unknown said…
Lovely breads, what talents you all have. Thanks for sharing and I hope your finger gets better real soon.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i typed with one finger last year for months...not fun at all. the pavilion is wonderful! we are about to get freezing rain!
Lynne said…
You poor dear . . . (I was reminded a few times . . . many nerve endings in the the finger tips . . . after two broken thumbs, one finger, I can attest!). One word . . . PAIN

How you pulled off making cinnamon rolls I don't know . . . they definitely warrant an invite . . . SMILE

Looking forward to birthing news!
Bee Haven Bev said…
I credit my sous chef....the Kitchenaid did all of the mixing and all of the kneading. buns for us!!
Junebug said…
I kind of figured from yesterdays picture that there would be some throbbing! Of course an injured finger is always in the way.

With our chilly morning I will have hot chocolate with my cinnamon roll. You did say you would deliver??? Have a great day! Hugs!!
Anonymous said…
I might have to try my own version of that bread. Looks delicious. Can't hardly wait to see the kids.
Country Gal said…
Sorry your finger is hurting so much I do hope it heals fast for you ! All the food looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing the Cinnamon recipe with us ! Glad to hear Chloe's foot is better ! Looking forward to seeing those cute kids when they are born ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !
Susannah said…
Take care of that finger. Oh...I know it hurts! Hope it is well soon.

Unknown said…
I sure am sorry about your painful finger, Bev! I can't wait to hear about the upcoming birth! Oh good things are a coming! Hugs, Meghan
Kris said…
Hi Beverly. That does look amazingly delicious, and I wish I had one of those right now!!! I hear you on the sous chef thing. Mine are my KA mixer and my Food processor!! Could not live without them!!!
Take good care of that finger!!! OUch!!!!
Can't wait for the babies to arrive!!!!
xo KRis
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear that all are thriving .. .can't wait to see the baby goats!

I'm not a bread-maker, but the recipes sure do sound good!

Hope your finger recovers in record time :-)

This N That said…
I've made braided filo dough and baked a crab and cheese mixture in it..I forgot all about that..I hope the throbbing soon stops...
Mary said…
Those cinnamon rolls look yummy, and think i can smell them a little through the internets. :) I'm sorry about your finger. Hope it heals quickly.
Katmom said…
Sorry to hear about your 'ugly finger'... but it will get better, the weather will get better and baby goats will arrive soon! :>)