Who's Who....Part 7

I often get the question...
"Which animals take the most time to care for?"

The answer to that is easy...no thought necessary.
The horses!

Cleaning up their manure three times daily...
plus cleaning the pastures,
feeding (in the winter time, they need lots of hay...often),
grooming, bathing, cleaning sheaths, clipping bridle paths,
and trimming hooves every few weeks.

And what do they give back in return?
Not that much!
Love? I won't delude myself into believing that.
Hours of entertainment, for sure.

But, still, I love having them.
There is nothing more satisfying to me than driving by my pasture 
and seeing them peacefully grazing.

Moonbeam is our only full size equine.

He is a Haflinger (originally from Austria) and a carriage horse.
(not so much of a riding horse to my chagrin)

Donnie Brascoe and Scarlet are brother and sister and are
Shetland sized ponies.

Sweet natured, and very easy to handle,
Donnie is perfect for pony rides for small children.

Red and Ollie are mini horses.

Ollie came to us first...
an orphan at three weeks of age.

We added Red a few months later as company for Ollie.
Red is actually Ollie's half brother.

These five equines share a dry lot and pasture and get along wonderfully.
Moonbeam is the alpha horse, with the ponies second in command.
This works out beautifully, and has made the minis 
very submissive and easy to work with.

All five of them are easy keepers and require minimal feed...
they get fat just breathing air, I swear!
Over the past year we seem to have found the right formula
for keeping them from getting too fat...

just a few hours of grazing in the morning
with supplemental hay in small quantities throughout the day.
Their feed is basically just a vitamin/mineral supplement.

What fun Sammy has with the horses!


Country Gal said…
They are all so beautiful ! I miss having horses but I am now a member of a saddle club as their photographer and I love it ! Lovely photos of your equines ! Have a great day !
Bonne said…
I've got a single retired neighbor that put up his profile on "Farmers Only" dating site. So far, most of the women that have contacted him want a "Hay Daddy" (you know, kinda like a SugarDaddy, but what they need is someone to pay for their horses upkeep) LOL Hay is expensive!
Kim said…
I feel the same way about horses. They are the most expensive of the farm animals, required the most attention, and give the least amount of love but somehow they are the most beautiful to see grazing out in the pasture.
Have you given up on riding Moonbeam?... I know you were working on it, seemed like you were getting somewhere?...

All of your horses are beautiful, and live in the perfect place thanks to you.
This N That said…
I agree that there is nothing more serene than driving past a field of grazing horses..Moonbeam may be a disappointment as far as riding goes but he is truly handsome...
That one picture of the horses grazing and the hills beyond is stunning. Moonbeam looks trim and handsome.
Lisa said…
You are a woman after my own heart out their picking up all the manure. I do the same. But THREE times a day? Why so very often?
LIsa in Maine