An Agrarian Lifestyle....With Gratitude

It's late afternoon, Thursday.
I am sitting here typing with a terra-cotta pot's worth of soil trapped beneath my nails.
My clothes, jeans and a long sleeved tee shirt, act as a steel trap for countless tiny pieces of hay...
which seem to find their way into every crack and crevice on my body.
I've not showered yet (soon to be rectified)...
in fact, I am pretty sure that I have not even combed my hair!
Despite my grungy looks, I am as happy as I could be...
as happy as a pig in a pool!

Oh, and check out how MaryAnn likes to get a drink....

Perhaps I need to install a water fountain for her!

It's been a good day.
My chores are done.
I've trimmed some hooves.
I gathered 5 1/2 dozen eggs (a record!)

The horses and donkeys have all been out to graze and are now napping in their paddocks.
(Everyone came back in, willingly, today!)

I've planted some seeds in the greenhouse.
And earlier plantings are thriving.

In my greenhouse are tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, flowers,
ground cherries, corn, popcorn, tomatillos (purple), green beans, celery, 
purple broccoli, orange cauliflower, Christmas tree cauliflower, and herbs.

My garden is getting better day by day.
The 150 strawberry plants have all grown and will soon blossom.

In the ground, already, are carrots (red, orange and purple), broccoli,

turnips, beets, spinach, kale,

parsnips, broccoli, sugar peas, radishes, Swiss chard,

cabbage (red and green), leeks and onions (several varieties).

I spent some time, today, planting rutabagas, cauliflower, purple kale and another rhubarb plant.

And so I end my day grimy, but satisfied.
I love this lifestyle.
The work is's tiring.
But, there is great satisfaction in working the earth and caring for it's creatures.
It's quiet and peaceful; and it fills every crack in my soul with gratitude...
gratitude for the opportunity to live like this... to work like this...
and to reap the fruits of my labor.

Gratitude for the magic of this beautiful world...
where placing a tiny seed into the soil begins a process that ends with a
miraculous living organism that provides food to nourish our bodies.

It just doesn't get any better than that!

And now I will quickly get a shower and try to look civilized when Hubbs comes home!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend...
and if you have a chance...
dig in the dirt.
Plant some food.
And think about the wondrous miracle that each seed holds within it!


andy said…
Wow I'm tired just reading your post! !!! :)I hope you have a great weekend!!!
I was so tired when I came inside yesterday evening I just sat down in my dirty clothes with my dirty hands and relaxed. I didn't care that is was dirty but sure was happy to have been able to spend the day with the animals and digging in the dirt. What a blessing! Have a great weekend.
Country Gal said…
Nothing better then getting your hand dirty I say ! Sounds like all is hunky dory at the farm I am happy for you . Wonderful photos and post . Have a great weekend !
JudiB said…
I have also got some seeds going for my new garden. Just wish the weather in Ontario would behave. Lucky you to get such a head start.
Nothing like getting down and dirty with garden and barn chores lol..kinda goes hand in hand and I also LOVE it.
Pray we have a good weekend to get some more work done on our stalls.
Have a wonderful family filled weekend. J.
Anke said…
Bev I always enjoy pictures of your garden. It looks like such a wonderful place to get ones hands dirty.
Have a great weekend!
Cindy said…
Sounds like my idea of heaven! I'm working part time away from home, but I live for the time at home and in the garden. Have a great weekend!
Gone Country said…
Wonderful post!

I, too, enjoy the work of gardening and taking care of the animals. It is so rewarding!

Your garden is look fabulous!
Junebug said…
And a good day was had by all! What a fun journey in life you are on! Have a great weekend, Hugs!
Unknown said…
Living the best life!
This N That said…
What a happy post..and a happy place..Have a fun weekend
Anonymous said…
Sweet gnome and mushroom there! OH, and gosh... Mary Ann is just a hoot drinking like that.
Kris said…
Wonderful! I too love the satisfaction of a hard days work! I could spend the entire day outside, with dirt under my nails, and muddy knees. Although I don't have a large spread, my little acre is perfect for us. I love it!!
Lots of work! But how wonderful your garden is looking. Enjoy your weekend!
Bernadine said…
Beautiful photos again. Looks like quite a satisfying day. Thanks for sharing them.
Sharon said…
Beautiful post! I understand every word of it!
Your garden and greenhouse is just appallingly perfect :-).
Beautiful post Bev. It really is a wonderful feeling working in the soil and watching things that we've planted grow. You have such a wonderful set up for your gardening...I just know your gardens will be great this year. We're enjoying our strawberries and lettuce and spinach but I'm most excited about the tomatoes. Looking forward to those toasted tomato sandwiches! Have fun in your garden tomorrow :)