Ode to the D+ Day

Deliver us,

oh please,
from the dark and dreary,

damp and dank,

drizzly and doleful,

dismal and drab,

that has disturbingly descended upon us.

We are soggy from our heads to our toes....
but worry not,
our hearts are always full of sunshine!!

Hope your weekend is perfect...
everything you need it to be!
Ours will be full of adventure, I am sure....
and we will share them with you on Monday!

Thanks so very much for all of your wonderful comments this week....
I felt like I had a roomful of old friends to talk to!


Country Gal said…
Its the same here. rainy,foggy,cold cloudy dreary and just plain YUK ! Love your photos, poor mucky things , Miggy comes in looking the same towels flying everywhere to wipe her shaggy wet muddy fur ! again YUK ! lol ! Hope your weekend is a good one !
Junebug said…
Figures crossed we shall have sun for a couple of days, Oh Happy Days! Now I must warm you be careful of a roomful of "old" friends, hee-hee! You know us seniors can be delicate! Have a great weekend!!! Hugs from an OLD friend!!
This N That said…
More of the same today..Yuk...Glad you have so many blogger buddies...I know that their words are always welcome..Have a great weekend!
It may be cold and drizzly where you are, but it looks like pure bliss to me.....a farm girl at heart but stuck in the burbs....
LOve the turkey!! Do you raise them, or is it a pet??
I wish we could trade with you Bev...it's still sunny and warm for this time of year here in Kansas and we could REALLY use your rain and snow. I hope your weekend is a good one too...I know it will be with your wonderful family and all your critters around you. I hope it clears up soon so you can enjoy the sun.
Maura :)
Debi said…
Hope you will dry out soon. I'm with you on the sogginess. Our horses are tearing up the pastures, but we do have sunshine, so I need to hush up,