Sundays are Fun Days!!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow....
we had had some flurries Saturday evening.

It looks as if this will have to suffice for our White Christmas...
as there is no more snow on the horizon.

Since our Christmas preparations are complete,
we had the opportunity to just kick back and slow down this weekend.

After our traditional Sunday Farm Breakfast,
Hubbs and I headed out with the dogs for a hike through the woods.

Through the woodpile and out into the back woods behind our house
we set out with Sadie, Maddie, Sam and Oakley.

Behind our house is "the Holler" as we like to call it...
a beautiful patch of woods that the dogs love to roam.

The house is on the highest point of our property, so the land behind it drops down significantly.

From down in "The Holler" we could hear Bobby our barn kitty calling to us from the back deck.
My reply of "Here Kitty...." brought him running down into the woods to see us.

We hiked through to the other side of the woods and exited near the goat pens.
Feeding time always brings the boys out of their houses....

On the way back to the barn, we stopped to walk the pigs back to the barn.
Of course I couldn't resist an opportunity to film our little piggie gals for you!

                                  I hope you enjoyed another Sunday afternoon here on the farm with us!


Those girls!
They did a good job without the harnesses...if you can keep up with them!!
Always love your piggie videos!
Anonymous said…
Clever piggies! And so lucky too!

Kathy from Tasmania
Rain said…
Oh my goodness-this is the first time I've seen them-wonderful ! Enjoyed the video more then I can tell you!~~Thanks so much. Hoping for a white Christmas here too-had three big storms so far -but the weird weather has taken it all away!! Crazy-Mother Nature is really acting out!!
Country Gal said…
What a perfect Sunday ! Loved the video they are soo cute ! Your blog brings me back to our hobby farm days when I was a kid ! I miss being on a farm with all the animals but thanks to your wonderful posts. photos and videos it takes me back every time ! Have a wonderful day !
DebH said…
pigs are just so darn smart! What a funny video and you need some piggie bums up on your banner. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! Loved it!!
Yay for the piggies! I wonder how they will feel about the snow when it finally arrives.
Deana said…
Notice how they started runing when you said, "LUNCH!"
jean said…
That is a great video. I so enjoyed it! I love how all your animals get along so well together. If only humans could do so well. Thanks for sharing this!!
This N That said…
Nothing dumb about pigs!!! Loved the video..glad it was a successful return to the barn..could have been a totally different outcome..I think they can outrun you...!!!
Unknown said…
They are so smart...and oh, so cute..maybe I need a little piggie of my own!
Anonymous said…
My husband and I loved your video, but noticed you have leftovers from Thanksgiving. Ha ha. Are those Turkeys food or pets? Gosh we'd love to live on all that land.
Teresa said…
It truly looks like a wonderful day!
The pigs are awesome (of course) but I'm digging all over your turkeys! What beautiful birds!