Random Ramblings.....

We all know that Santa has a "Naughty" and "Nice" list.
We all hope to be on the "Nice" list,
but we all know those who we just know will make it to the "Naughty" list.

Well, it's the same around the farm.

A few are definitely on the "Naughty" list
and heading for a stocking full of coal.

Number 1 on the list:
Bobby (barn kitty)

Don't let that innocent sleeping face fool you.
Bobby has been a menace lately.
At every meal time, he stalks new kitty Sophia,
and pounces on her while she quietly eats her food....
sending her to the rafters with a bloody nose.

Sophia, on the other hand is on the "Nice" list,
as these attacks are unprovoked.
Poor Sophia....it's hard to be the new girl.


Remember the egg that Ella was sitting on last week?
Well, the mystery has been solved.

This little red hen has gotten in the habit of sitting on one of the cat beds each afternoon
and laying her egg in soft cushy comfort.
I sure hope the rest of the hens don't catch on!


Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I set out to do the afternoon chores.
This seems to be the time of day that everyone wants to come along with me.
Maddie and Hickory love the ride...

Hickory's only goal is the tasty juice left at the bottom of the cat food can.

Sadie keeps watch over us all.

And Sam and Oakley are always ready for anything fun.

Dogs love routine.
They always know when I am ready to go out for chores.
Excitement fills the air and five tails start wagging.
It would probably take me less time to do chores if I did them alone,
but how could I ever disappoint my best friends.
And so we all set off to the barn for our daily adventure.


Yesterday's adventure was trimming horses hooves.

I have received comments in the past about the fact that I trim my own hooves.
I keep all of my horses in natural feet and use a file
to keep their hooves in good shape.
I have found that if I rasp their hooves and reshape them every couple of weeks,
that is all they need.
It certainly saves on Farrier bills....with 5 equines.
(In the summer, however, I have Moonbeam shod by the farrier.)

While I was working on Red's hooves,

Ollie (the tiniest of our horses) was standing on his hind legs looking over the stall door.
He hates when his brother and best buddy, Red, is out of his sight.
(blurred picture, as Ollie kept jumping up and down)

Sophia, recovered from her attack from Bobby,
watched while everyone got spruced up.

So by the end of the day,
all of the animals are on the "Nice" list....
except, that is, for Bobby.
He's going to have to be extra good in the next week and a half,
or Santa will surely be leaving him a lump of coal!


You are so lucky to have five dogs. I have my Bella, but would love to get her a friend so she is not so lonesome while I am at work. She knows that at 3:15 its time for me to get home and take her out to play catch. Dogs are so smart.
Unknown said…
It's a good day at the farm.
Junebug said…
Yeah, my morning is complete, another picture of Sadie! I'm sure by now you know she is my love. I so hope Bobby makes the nice list, he is so cute sleeping. That's it, just make sure he is sleeping when Santa checks the list! Thanks for my morning rambling on the farm! Hugs!
All that work and you still find time to take pictures and share with us. Thank you, I appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
Better watch out, Bobby. No one likes a bully... not even Santa!
Country Gal said…
Loved your photos and post your blog always makes my day ! We did our own horses hooves on the hobbie farm I grew up on ! I still have my dads old file he used on their hooves ! Hope Bobby gets the hint about the nice or naughty list with santa ! Have a wonderful day !
This N That said…
Poor Bobby..He's such a lover..I guess, with all those animals, you're very lucky to have such a short "naughty" list...
Gone Country said…
Hard to believe that sweet, sleeping face is a bully! Poor Sophia, she's adorable!

The picture of Ollie cracks me up... jumping up & down to see what's going on!

How fun to have all that company while doing chores!
Kristin_Texas said…
Those are the sweetest pictures! Of course, I always love the pictures you post.

We have a bully cat here, too. She used to be a very sweet thing, but after we moved she and her mother did a "Freaky Friday" episode and switched personalities. It's really strange. They're 16 and 19 now, and have to be separated. (Which the Mama Kitty seems to love. I think having her own side of the house makes her feel like a diva).

Unknown said…
Thank you so much for sharing your life with us through your blog! Your posts are always so special. Hugs, Meghan
Lisa Brawner said…
POOR Bobby.....he sure look innocent :) I enjoy reading about all the animals...makes my heart happy