Friday, November 18, 2011

Farm Surgeries

Yesterday was surgical day.
Poor Sophia lost her uterus and ovaries.
She was a little wacky waking up from anesthesia.

Our Sophia has had her last litter of kittens....
her uterus showed signs of previous pregnancy.

Dr. Becky said she seemed to be a couple years old,
but in very good condition.
We are even wondering if perhaps she is Leo's mother...
they both appeared within a few weeks of each other...
who knows!
Sophia will spend the next couple days recuperating in the barn.

Sophia is not the only one who went under the knife yesterday.....

Donald, our polled (hornless) buckling born to O'Malley this past spring
was castrated yesterday as well.

Here he is sleeping off his anesthesia.

We were unable to sell him,
so we will keep him as a companion goat.

You might remember that I had mentioned we were considering 
castrating Smoochie... since he has failed to perform his duties the past two years.

Update:  Becky has decided to try to mate him with Myrtle next year...
so Smoochie gets one more chance.
Three strikes, and you're out, Smoochie!

The boys and I took advantage of the day without rain
and went for a run in the woods...

It's their most favorite thing in the whole world.
This is what unbridled joy looks like....

Wild abandon!
Hope you have a little wild abandon, yourself,
this weekend.
Make it a great one!
See you Monday....for more tails from the farm.


Country Gal said...

Some times I feel sorry to have to fix the animals but in the long run its better for them and us. I wish more poeple would fix their animals so theres not alot of off spring runing around like all the stray kittens we have here in our village ! Good on ya for doing the right thing ! Have a wonderful weekend.

missy max said...

I hope everyone is recovering from their surgeries..Nice to see the sun yesterday...Have a great weekend..

Cindy said...

I know it is a good thing to have the animals fixed, but they look so pathetic, don't they? Poor babies!
Have a great weekend!

Junebug said...

Oh sleep it off dear ones! The life on the farm was enjoyed this morning. Now it is time to get ready for work. Just think, your work on the farm starts when you open your eyes, hee-hee! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

My cat, Billie, got a little loopy when she was spayed and fell down the stairs. No injuries, thank goodness.

Sandy said...

Hi Bev,
We're back from our Florida trip and I'm catching up reading my favorite blogs. I love your new blog look! It's very nice and I like the larger type and clean look of it. Have a wonderful day!

kpaints said...

I am cringing for your babies! Ouch!

Enjoy the weekend.

Katmom said...

If we lived closer (or if Meri did) Donald would be coming home to live with us.... as for Smoochie, maybe you should play some soft Barry White tunes, have a table set up with Wine & Ritz lol! and maybe he will get the hint! lol!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Ahhhhhhhh Smoochie, I'm happy to learn you are going to get one more chance! Come on old boy, you can do it, make it a good one! Hope everyone is on the mend and back on all fours soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, blessings from Maine, Julie.

Millie said...

I was wondering if you can tell me what anesthesia you and Dr. Becky use with the goats when castrating. I have a mature buck that I want to castrate, but my vets are concerned about the use of anesthesia. Thanks.


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