Our Version of the Slow Food Movement

If you have read my blog for some time,
and seen my many posts about our equines,
then you probably have noticed that my "bigs" and "littles"
are a bit on the chubby side.

Keeping the horses trim seems to be a never-ending battle,
and at times a losing proposition.

I limit the time they spend on pasture;
and unless it is cold outside,
I also limit their hay.

Horses are grazers, though, and are healthiest when they can eat small amounts often.

in a attempt to find middle ground,
so that they can eat more often without
over-consuming calories....

I am trying out some slow feeders for hay.

I found these at our local feed store and installed them yesterday afternoon.
Then I took a video to show you how they work.....

While I was busy working with the horses,
the construction crew was doing this....

and by the end of the day, our barn looked like this....

Can you believe...
those workers walked around on top of those roof trusses
like tight-rope walkers.

I have a little guessing game for you today...
Can you guess what this is?

It's very strange, isn't it?

It is a small part of this....

How about this?

I think it looks like it could be part of a nostril.
Maybe of a piggie?

But, no, it is a part of this.....
which I call our "ogre" fungus...
because it looks mean and nasty!

And last...
the last roses of the season.
We are to have frost this week,
so these blooms will soon be just a memory.

And lastly, I want to tell you about our lady bug phenomenon.
Each year when the weather turns cold,
we have an afternoon or two when
scores of ladybugs leave the woods and cling to the side of the barn and house...
soaking in the season's last bit of warmth.
Yesterday was one such day...
a ladybug day!

Ladybug, ladybug...
fly away home.


JudiB said…
LOL..I will be watching to see how the feed bags hold up to the tugging and pulling!! Great idea..I will be trying it myself it iworks. Our one mini is just plain FAT..and the other budgy!!! I have tried everything. Now they are in there stalls every nite I hope I can get some weight off them. At least I can control one meal a day!!
The new building is looking great!! Oh just the thought of the men up on tip..oh my!! Heights are not my favorite place to be.
We are getting the cold weather also so last minute work to do outside.
Good luck with the feed bags..and looking forward to your new additions..so cute!!!

Judi B.
Good Morning Bev!
Loved the pictures and the video of the horses feeding...I have a feeling Moonbeams 'feeder' isn't going to last long the way he's going at it LOL! My little 'Keefer' (a little Egyptian Arabian I once had and who was my favorite) was an 'easy keeper'...didn't eat much but still looked a little 'round'. I think he could have benefited from a feeder like this. Those warty pumpkins are definitely homely looking. We've had one light frost about a week ago and since then it's been in the 80's during the day and 50's at night. I think that's going to change soon though. Enjoy the last of your roses while you can...it's always sad to see them go. Have a wonderful day!
Maura :)
Unknown said…
Great post. Loved watching the horses eat...I think I need one of those bags! Maybe I would lose some weight! :)

Wow, that is one big building and I can't believe those acrobats! Amazing!

Love the ladybugs..they over winter here wherever they can. Loved those beautiful shots of the roses.
Your horses are just "easy keepers" like so many:-) I know of other people using various hay bags to slow their feeding. I think it's like us, some of them just need more exercise than others.
Junebug said…
Holy Crow! Look at that barn! What a change one day can bring. I so agree, that feeder isn't going to last long with the way Moonbean attacks. Hee,Hee! Your horses will love you this will when the snow is covering the ground and they are in there area just a chillin! Enjoy your day!
Kelly said…
We have the same lady bug issue each october. We have one on the ceiling right now. Do you remember the red ladybugs? What happened to them? The barn is amazing. It will be huge! I hope the new bags work well. They definitely will have to work at getting the hay.
Lisa said…
Hi Bev.
My husband built my horse a slow feeder box out of wood. It is shaped to fit a metal grate. It works pretty well but the openings in the grate are a bit too big. He is supposed to make me another one with a grate that has smaller openings.

Have you ever tried a grazing muzzle? I started using one on my gelding this summer. He likes his muzzle as he knows he is going out to eat! He is able to be out all day and graze while in the pasture -but in a more controlled fashion!
I totally think I could use one of those feed bags! It's nice to see your horses look so healthy Bev, you do such a great job with your critters. We too get those ladybugs! This year was the fewest we've had. It's a sign, I just don't know of what. : -)
Country Gal said…
I enjoyed the photos and video. Do the horses get riden and worked much ?that can help with their weight as well, hope Moonbeam takes it easy on the slow feeder bag and it holds up lol The in door riding ring is coming along great bet you cant wait to have it completed and ride in it. Have a wonderful day !
Katmom said…
Oh Bev,
That is one Ginormous ManCave! lol! I don't dare let Gary see it! we could fit 4 of ours in there! lol!
Winter is setting in, cold, cold cold over here.
Hope you are having a lovely Autumn.
Susan said…
On first look at that barn, I thought it looked like an upside down Ark!

A friend of mine who is trying to limit the amount of hay one of horses eats has some kind of halter that fits over her head and only allows the horse to take small "nibbles" at the grass - just a thought.

love reading your block here in Suburban Sydney, Australia
Dianne said…
Seeing the pic of the workers scattered across the skelton of the barn reminded me of a scene like that in the movie "Witness" with Harrison Ford...