Welcome To Our Home

Promises are one thing I hate to ever renege on.
Does time ever get the best of you?
Then you will understand....
This weekend got a bit busier than I had anticipated.
no video.
(I'm sorry!)
I will however give you a photo tour instead.

First the outside of the front....
When we first planned to build a log home,
we found a picture in a log home magazine of the front of a home very similar to this.
We fell in love with the look of that home and decided to model ours after it.
We then sat down and drew our own plans for what was to be inside.
After a few tries, we succeeded in drawing something build-able. 

Above the garage, is a cupola with a beehive....

The front door....

The front deck....

From the front door, we enter into the living room.

To the left is the stairway to the upstairs loft...

Beyond is the dining room and kitchen...
(more on that at another time)

Guest bedroom....
(yes, each room comes complete with its own dog)


Back deck and screen porch....

Our home is our haven....the place we love to be.

I received a question about what I cook with the veggies that we harvest from our garden.
So, I thought I would share a typical weekend farm breakfast with you.

Saturday morning I picked this....

Yes, those are purple carrots!

I sliced two freshly harvested red potatoes, some scallions and some asparagus.

Sauteed them in a pan with a little olive oil.
Added eggs and made a frittata.

Breakfast menu:  Frittata with asparagus and thyme, sliced purple carrots, 
French breakfast radishes, and fresh picked blueberries on 
homemade whole grain Belgian waffles.
Delicious and so nutritious!
The perfect way to start a day filled with farm chores.

Breakfast on the screen porch.

Green tea with fresh mint from the garden.

A pot of mint tea for iced tea.

As I harvest different items from the garden, 
I will share with you how I plan to use each veggie.

So, I might not have gotten a video done, but we did, however,
spread an entire 9 months worth of manure on our hay field,
mowed 4 pastures, 4 goat pens,
moved the Cuckoo Marans from the French Quarter to their new home with
Rod Stewart and the rest of the Polish hens,
worked in the garden,
picked wild raspberries, 
and visited with our kids.
It was a great weekend - a full weekend!
Thanks for understanding!!


What a lovely home. The vegetables look delicious and breakfast even better.
Lisa said…
Hi Bev, What a lovely tour of your home. What a wonderful spot the front porch must be in the morning for a cup of tea. Thanks for the great shots inside too. I can't believe how much you got done this weekend and still remembered your readers. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day. Lisa
Good Morning Bev!
What a beautiful home you have. I love log homes...they're earthy and cozy and solid looking and feeling. We don't see too many of them down here in Kansas but in British Columbia there are plenty of them. That is one HUGE dining room table you have there!!! Love the guest bedroom and the screened porch...your patio is lovely too. What a wonderful place to sit and sip minted iced tea. That breakfast has made me hungry but first I have to go feed my critters and I'm running late this morning. Have a wonderful day and week!
Maura :)
Cindy said…
Thank you for the tour of your house. It's lovely! That breakfast looks like something we might have been served at a B&B we stayed at. The best I can do is Cheerios and OJ! I am not a morning person.

You seem to get so much done. Do you think it is your diet that gives you so much energy? We eat pretty well, but since I hit my 50's I just don't have the energy to get done everything I want to do.
Anke said…
Bev your home is beautiful and so inviting. The breakfast you made looks delicious!
Unknown said…
Holy Cow, you do everything in a big way! Wow, what a breakfast! I know, I know you work it off fast...I can tell by the list of things you got done over the weekend. Fabulous!
Junebug said…
I love the photos of the house but I'm so glad each room comes with a dog or two. By the way keep posting such yummy pictures of breakfast and you will have a crowd to join you. Thanks for the tour!
I loved the photo tour of your home. I can see why it's your haven... Thanks for the photos of the food your garden produces. It will help me use my garrden bounty better. Wonderful post. Thanks for taking the time. We appreciate you.
Kim said…
Amazing log house that obviously is a welcoming home. Love it! Thanks for the tour.
Gone Country said…
I can see why your home is your haven! It's beautiful and so warm and inviting! Thanks for sharing your home with us!
This N That said…
Well done...Breakfast fit for a king!! Looked yummy..You're the best.
that breakfast looks divine!!.. as does your house, thanks for the tour.
Joyce St John said…
Bev, I enjoyed the tour of your home! It looks like something out of a magazine. I love the layout, and you are so good at decorating and making it a home! I also enjoyed the tour of the garden you had on recently. All you work is paying off. Look at that beautiful breakfast! Thanks for sharing.
Marge said…
What a GORGEOUS log home...in every way. I love the screen porch and I love everything about log homes but, alas, don't live in one.
Debi said…
I love big decks. Is that New River outdoor furniture? Breakfast looked yummy. I'm sure your getting lots out of your garden now. Debi