Yesterday's sunrise was the best part of the day....

A glorious red sun rose above the horizon and painted the sky shades of pink.
And then it dawned on me...
that little saying I heard so much as a child:

Red sun at night, sailors' delight.
Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning.

That lovely red sun quickly disappeared behind some
ominous grey clouds, however.

Sadly, the saying held true and the rains came again.
Most everyone watched the day from the safety of their shelter,
only venturing out of doors at feeding time.

Rain always makes the fancy chickens look anything but fancy....
as is demonstrated by Rod and Phyllis.

Rod and Phyllis are having a rough time.
Besides being a bit damp, the happy couple are molting together.

Thank God, Rod is in love and doesn't notice how bad Phyllis is looking right now.

Phyllis from the back....

Phyllis from the front....

Somehow, Phyllis, I don't think this is what Rod meant
when he asked to see a little skin!

Poor Phyllis, this has been so stressful on her,
her mascara has run, and her nose is red and puffy from all the sobbing she's doing.

She's understandably upset.
What, with those two divas, Penelope and Calliope
strutting around the barnyard in their fancy-schmancy feathered outfits
with matching hats...
make-up perfect and not a feather out of place.

Hang in there, Phyllis, it won't be long until
you'll be shaking your tail feathers again.

Meanwhile, back in the French Quarter,
Henri is surrounded by his harem of Fifi's.
Is that a smile I see on his face?

He's growing quite a top hat,
while the girls are getting "big girl" feathers on their wings....

Ooooh, la la!
In two weeks time, the Cuckoo Marans have tripled in size.
They are all thriving nicely in the brooder house
and have started flying up to the roosting bar and the nesting boxes,
about 1 1/2 feet off the ground.
It won't be long now, until they start to look like gangly adolescents.

I must make sure they don't see Rod or Phyllis in this state,
or they may not want to grow up at all!


Anke said…
I just love Rod and Phyllis!! :-)
Love the fancy chickens bev. We just getting started with 3 barred rocks. Do the fancy's lay eggs for you? My daughter's father-in-law is giving us some broders, im excited to raise some up, never did that before. Looks like you have a variety. enjoy all your post.
Henri's got quite a mop of hair!... and oooh, the molting. Don't know if I'll ever get used to that. My chicks finally arrived yesterday! So far all look good. *sigh*
Chris said…
Those chicks sure are growing fast.
This N That said…
I don't think Phyllis would be one bit happy with you if she knew you put her picture on your blog for the world to see while she was looking like that...
Bee Haven Bev said…
Sheryl, the fancies lay little white eggs.
Junebug said…
What a cute post this morning. My Phyllis still has tail feathers so don't tell yours. Thank you for my smile this morning. June
Unknown said…
Poor Phyllis...such a state! Such bad hair days...poor dear. Thanks for posting about all your 'beauties' I so love to hear about them. I already think I will want some 'pretty' birds to add to my hen house later....they are all so cute! See I am hooked and they aren't even in the coop yet!
Patricia said…
What a fun post to read this morning. It sure has me smiling!
Kelly said…
There is something to those old sayings. The chicks are growing so fast. Poor Phyllis. What can I say. Tell her she will be lovely soon.
Ms. Bake-it said…
What a cute post! Poor Phyllis! Henri and his harem are growing so fast! Penelope and Calliope - what divas!

Enjoyed your post today!

~ Tracy
Teresa said…
So funny! I hope Phyllis and Rod make it through this rough patch.
Beverly, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog. It means so much, i guess the early days or the hardest in the blog world. Still learning....Thanks again.
Sheryl and Denny
LOL what a great post made me laugh :) Your poor chickens! We could sure use some of your rain...I'm afraid we're in a drought and it's not looking good for the farmers with winter wheat. We're getting the severe storm and tornado warnings but rain. please send us some! Hope you see some sunshine this weekend.
Maura :)