Subject Matter

Each day when I compose my blog post,
I worry that tomorrow I will have nothing to say, nothing to write.

And then tomorrow comes and it is as full as today.
I guess I should stop worrying about this.

Take yesterday for example....

I began the day in the midst of a torrential downpour.
By the end of morning chores I was soaked to the skin.
And...I wondered what I would write about.
The day seemed mucky and soggy... not much else.

And then the sun came out.

So, while I was doing afternoon chores,
I found a few possibilities for posting.

The Ducks.

It seems that I have a Mama who just might be bringing ducklings into the world.

Inside the duck hut is a nest full of eggs.
Each morning, when I go in to get some feed,
she is there crouched low, protecting her eggs.

The Chickens.

If you follow my blog, you will remember a week or two ago
when I posted about how sorry Rod Stewart was looking.
You see, he was molting....badly.
The good news is....
Rod once again has a tail (albeit small).

And he is one happy rooster!

The Nigerians.

My dwarf Nigerian goats have shed some of their winter fat
and their winter coats and are once again up to their high-jinx
on top of their houses.

Please excuse me, but I saved the best for last.

Tyler and the Turkeys.

I often write about my amazement at how different species 
can so calmly and peacefully co-exist.
Yesterday afternoon was the perfect example of this.
Sitting near the grape arbor
(the buds are just beginning to open on the grape vines)
were me, Jenn, Tyler, 

Maddie, Hickory, Sam, Oakley,

the turkeys,
and the guineas.

At one point, Tyler started to crawl after Tom Tom.
Watch the video to see what happens....
(if you are reading this post on facebook,
you will need to go to my blog to see the video... )

It almost seems as if the turkeys are protective, doesn't it?

Amazingly this went on for quite a while.  
These crazy turkeys just love to follow us around!

I had several requests for a recipe for the loaf of bread in yesterday's post.
I will post this for you over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!
See you on Monday for more tails from the farm.


V.L. Locey said…
Dropping in from the blog hop! I love all your birds and goats. Reminds me of our place! Nice meeting you!
Grace said…
Amazing! Those turkeys were definetly protecting your son. They must feel you are all in the same family. This is a part of farm life that most folks never get to experience. You are blessed to get this opportunity.
Rain said…
These two videos are priceless-my little grandson almost crawling!! Precious times for us all!! Have a great weekend!!~~Rain
This N That said…
How many little boys have turkeys as body guards?? Maybe they were protecting Tom Tom :)..Cute post..I know the feeling about not having anything blog worthy...then, all of a sudden, there it is...Some not as great as others (for me)..but something, never the less..Have a great weekend
Melissa Plank said…
Can't wait to see the ducklings! We have had a ton of rain here too, and I was saying to my family that this would be excellent weather if we were ducks! Cute videos, I kept expecting them to get in front and herd the baby back the other way.
That is amazing. They don't seem like they want to do anything but follow. That little Tyler has a wonderful life on your farm.
Glad I found your blog! I too worry about finding things to write about (I started my blog last month) but I find it's the time I need to find because my place keeps me busy!
Love the Turkeys, they are beautiful love the colors. Tyler is lucky to grow up in such a colorful farm. I cant wait for our little jessie to be toddling around, she is only two months old now. We had someone give us some easter chicks for our farm. not sure of the breed just yet. But wanted to give them a home. Blessings from our farm to yours....Sheryl
countrynmore said…
The turkeys are happy that you allowed them to live. It does seem like they are very protective of Tyler. Tyler has a great place to crawl and to explore. Every young baby's dream.
What a cute group of animals. Great post. Cheri
Cindy said…
I love that you named that chicken "Rod Stewart". So fitting. The turkeys are so handsome. I don't think you will ever run out of things to blog about with all the animals and kids.
Julie Harward said…
When one has animals and is always full and joyful! Love your mini garden of Eden! ;D
Unknown said…
Love the videos! Thanks for sharing.
Heather said…
I always enjoy your blog so much and am excited to see the new babies. Love the video!!!
Carla said…
It's so fun that Tyler got TomTom into his head and was completely oblivious to the turkeys. :)

Is momma duck a Cayuga?
JudiB said…
What a great time Tyler is having. When he gets walking he will be keeping the turkeys even
Never a dull moment on a farm..gotta love it.
Nice day on Sat. for more rain.
Keep dry..JudiB.
jerilanders said…
Beverly, We have a duck sitting on eggs in the garden shed, when she gets off the eggs to take a swim, her mate takes over, when he gets off the eggs to join her, a chicken takes over. When the eggs finally hatch, I do not know WHO they will consider their MAMA... guess it depends which critter is sitting on them at the time!
About your turkeys. We once had two Toms that began following me around everywhere, I loved it. But after awhile, I realized they were becoming more and more aggressive with me. It got to the point where they were "attacking" any one in their path. My sheep were terrified of those turkey boys! I couldn't go near them without a broomstick in my hand to protect myself.
Those boys ran off into the woods one day and we never saw them again. I believe they were looking for mates. So be cautious with your little guy, the turks may have bad intentions.
Turkeys are so ugly, but their personalities make them beautiful!
Sandy said…
I bet it's not too long until Tyler is walking! What a cutie!

The turkeys are beautiful if you don't look at their head.