Spring is here.
The calendar says so.
The weather is not cooperating,
but spring is here, nonetheless.

There's love in the air....

And honey-drippin' sweetness all around!

The grass is just beginning to "green up"
which makes the chickens ecstatic.

The days are getting longer.
And with that the trees are budding.

a time of rebirth, renewal, regeneration.

For us....a time of babies, babies, babies.

Next week will bring the delivery of 25 Cuckoo Maran chicks
and hopefully O'Malley's delivery.
She looks as though she is carrying twins.

Myrtle's triplets had their first outdoor adventure yesterday afternoon.
We though that Bert would be so happy to finally have a few friends to play with,
but he acted like a shy child on the first day of kindergarden....

hanging onto Becky's arm for safety.

The triplets ran and played...
much to Myrtle's chagrin.
Oh, it's so hard to watch 3 babies all at the same time!

Sam wanted more than anything to play, too....

Maddie watched from the safety of the gator.

Lucky for us there is nothing else happening at this time.
The garden is slumbering...awaiting the warmth of the sun to wake up
the tiny seeds that are sleeping just beneath the surface.
Winter clean up is just about finished.
A little more pruning and we are ready for new growth.
This gives us plenty of time for goatie loving and goatie play.

In a few more weeks, there won't be enough hours in the day!
Until then, we will spend all of our free time in the company of our


They are just beautiful, look at those faces.. love the blue eyes.
Anke said…
Your goat babies are just perfect! So, so cute and I just love their blue eyes.
Carla said…
Fun post! Maybe Bert was wondering what those little things were. He's only seen grown up goats before. :)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe Bert is so big already.....They don't stay little for long...
Heather said…
What a sweet group you have and SO cute!!! Bert is going to have fun playing with new friends today!!! I just love the pictures you take!!!
Junebug said…
Those triplets are so cute, I want to come play! I don't blame Sam. look at all the fun he could have chasing. Enjoy your new little ones.
Julie Harward said…
Looks to me like you have your hands full! Our animals are loving Spring too..it just hasn't reached me yet! ;D