I live with savages.

It's true.

I live with 2 fur-boy savages,
who love to shock me and make me shriek.

Don't let their apparent innocence fool you,
it's all an act, I assure you!
Savages, I say!

I have avoided writing this post at least 6 times previously
because I didn't want to shock you with pictures like the one
I am showing you today.

You're curious, aren't you?

Well, let's step back in time to the middle of winter.

One evening, Oakley was at the back door barking to be let inside.
As I got to the door, I saw him pick up something and prance into the
kitchen with it in his mouth.
(I was in the middle of cooking dinner).
There in the middle of the kitchen floor,
Oakley dropped a disembodied deer leg...complete with fur and hoof.
Oh, and it was frozen.

I concluded that he had found it in the woods at a nearby hunting camp.
(Why hunters feel the need to saw off deer legs and leave them in the woods
escapes me!)

Hubbs quickly snatched up the treasure that Oakley was so proud of,
took it into the garage and threw it into the trash.
(What else to do?  If we buried it, he would have dug it up....another
favorite fur-boy trick!)

Over the course of the winter, Sam and Oakley have returned home
on 6 occasions with more deer legs.
(I have this Far Side cartoon in my head of 
legless deer hobbling through the woods.)

 #6.....Really, Sam?

Yesterday, Oakley brought home leg #7.
Here it is....

Oh, and check out Fur-boy Oakley licking his lips.
And Sam lurking behind him.

Savages, I say!

And you, dear hunters.....
could you please take your legs with you??

By the way, we don't allow hunting in our woods.
I prefer to provide a safe haven for the deer.
(As a result, we now have quite a large herd of them in our woods.
But that's a post for another day.)

On to less disgusting topics.

Here is Sam, up to his usual playtime with Ollie
yesterday morning.

Both of them just love this game!
And I love this action photo.

For those of you wondering how Myrtle is doing....

She is as broad as a barn.
I'll bet she has triplets in there.
We shall soon see,
as she could deliver any day now.

And last but not least,
I will leave you with a little Baby Bert video.

Baby Bert Gets His Groove On

Have a great weekend....and stop back to see us next week!!


Susan said…
Goodness sakes alive! Good puppy dogs. Yuck! Well, you can't blame them, it being something they'd do naturally and all. But the hunters really shouldn't leave deer legs lying around. How grotesque. Barbaric, really. Icky. Our dogs had a thing for rolling in dead things. They'd find all sorts of fun stuff in the field right next door and sometimes bring it home to share. Wonderful if you're a fellow pooch, not so wonderful if you're of the human persuasion. lol

You're post was a bit of something out of an animal horror show today, Beverly. LOL What a good shock you must have had to turn around from making dinner and see that! I can just imagine the shriek.

I hope you will find no more surprises like these from your fur babies.

Susan @ CluckleBees
Awww! That's such a cute video! Thanks for sharing it here! Bookmarking your blog to read more from you!
Rain said…
I got busy sending this to my niece-feeding the baby-etc-not sure if I commented!! But great video-glad I made it through the true life drama of country life to get to it!! have a great week-end!!
That is pure joy -

Bert, not the deer legs. Ugh!!
Carla said…
Dogs will be dogs. :) At least they aren't rolling in all the stuff the hunters leave behind to rot.

I always wonder what's going on in the mind of baby animals that play--especially when they don't have any playmates yet.
Junebug said…
All I can say is; knowing some hunters be lucky that is all he brings home, yuck! I love the video, so dang cute! have a great weekend and maybe triplets! Hugs, June
Unknown said…
Thanks for my 'Bert' fix! Don't you wish you had that much 'hop' in your step?
Jan n Jer said…
LOL about the dogs bringing home deer legs. I used to live in back of a farm and my dog brought home a cows ankle/hoof once!!EWWWWE
Cute video of little Bert!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for posting videos of Baby Bert! Goats are so cute and I miss mine so much :( Can't wait to see how Myrtle does!
This N That said…
Bert is too fun..I wonder who his choreographer is???
Heather said…
Bert is just a doll and the videos are just so cute!!! I love his little hop!!! He is one happy little guy!!!
Anonymous said…
I hate to ask, but is it possible your dogs are "running" the deer? We had a similar situation once with a pet dog bringing home deer legs and thought they were found gifts until a neighbor reported seeing him chasing the deer. I know it's a gruesome thought, but it's not uncommon behavior in hunting-type dogs, it's not hunting season, and you are trying to protect the deer on your land.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Nope, these legs are sawed off clean...by hunters. And my dogs have been trained to not chase deer. We walk in the woods with them, and that is not allowed.
Teresa said…
Dogs will be dogs! Makes me feel better that mine used to just haul horse manure home from across the road. Myrtle does look like she could explode! That Bert has got quite the moves! Adorable!
Cindy said…
Such a cute baby, hopping around.

Some pretty gross things can happen when you live in the country with animals! Hope you don't get anymore deer legs.
Julie Harward said…
We do love animals the same! I had a pigmy goat once named Augie, yours is so sweet, can't wait to see her babies! Your Tyler is way too cute with that dimple in his chin! That Maddie..I used to have 2 big black nefies just like that, their names were Casy and Bossk. Life would never be the same without animals to love! :D
Verde Farm said…
Bev, what a great post. That is disgusting that they leave the deer legs in the woods--oh my. I never thought about it before. I love the Far Side cartoon--I could totally see it too. Baby Bert is the cutest little thing ever! What kind of goats to you raise? Love their colors. Thanks for sharing with Farm Friend Friday Bev :)
Michaele said…
Your goats are really beautiful. Very nice color. Cute baby Bert.
Michelle said…
I don't know if I should laugh or cry. So I will just say gross!
Have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
Love the goat pics! Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" them for Goat Thing of the Day over on NGIP next week?
Lisa said…
Hi Bev, Sorry about the treasures that the boys keep bringing you. I am sure you would prefer flowers. hehe. I just love the movies of Bert. I am afraid I would get nothing done if I were you. I fear I would spend all my day watching him spin around. What a hoot. Thanks for the 6:00am giggle. Hope you have a good day. Lisa
Kathy said…
Just discovered your blog - how fun!...will be checking back soon. Happy spring - can't get here soon enough for me:)
Kelly said…
I guess in a way the legs feed animals. Even Fur Boys! I don't really care for hunting but have a less probelm when they do eat the meat. I would love to have Bert's energy. Kids are adorable.
This is a Ewwww and Awwww comment.
First ewwww to the dogs bringing home deer legs and especially into your kitchen. Our shep doesn't find already dead things he brings home fresh rabbits....lots of rabbits but he's an outdoor dog so at least they don't end up in the kitchen ;) Second Awwww Bert is just the cutest little fellow and I love his 'happy dance'! He's got the most beautiful markings and colors..what a sweet heart! I wish we lived closer because if you were selling I would definitely be there to pick me up a few! I hope spring has sprung at your farm because we have freezing drizzle today and snow for tomorrow. I'm so sick of winter! Thanks for the laugh though...I needed that. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Maura :)