My Bump, My Bump, My Lovely Baby Bump

Before I start today's post I must thank you 
for all of your sweet comments on yesterday's post.
It is good sometimes to take a trip back into the past
 for those of you who have joined our fun recently.
I started this blog 5 years ago....
and so much has happened in those 5 years!

So, thanks to all of your positive feedback, 
I will definitely work on a video tour of our home to share with you....
that is, as soon as I finish my spring housecleaning 
(I did windows yesterday!!).

I am also planning an outside tour of the grounds, 
gardens, barn, critters, etc....
but that can wait until the earth greens up a bit!
Now, about those bumps (see title).

Myrtle, Sissy, and O'Malley are our pregnant does,
and they are beginning to show their baby bumps.

Especially Myrtle, who looks as though she is expecting
(That's what she had last spring.)

Myrtle is just the best breeding doe.  She has easy pregnancy,
good births, and is a great Mama.
Myrtle is due mid-March.

Her 2 year old daughter Sissy is pregnant, too.
She is showing more than is evident at this angle,
but Sissy is very curious and refused to stand still for a picture.

Sissy is due at the end of March.

Last, but certainly not least, is O'Malley.
O'Malley walks with a very pregnant waddle,
 and is getting quite wide.

If O'Malley were human,
she would spend her entire pregnancy on the couch
with a spoon in a gallon of Hagen Daz!

I just had to show you this picture of Smoochie.
Old Smooch had a little trouble breeding O'Malley
this year...he just couldn't get the job done.
(Don't worry, Skip stepped in and pinch hit for him.)
Looking at this picture makes me think that perhaps
Smoochie is all show!!
He certainly knows how to strike a pose.

Well, he has one more chance to perform.
If he fails again......castration!

With the warmer temperatures we are having this week,
we have been trying to take walks with Tyler and the dogs.
We start out like this....
(Old Hickory, our 15 year old rescue scampering along.)

(Tyler in stroller, bink in mouth.)

And we end up like this....

(Hickory in stroller, old girl can only walk so far!)
Well, I can hardly wait for kidding season...
to be able to share all of the adorable
little ones with you...
their soft, cuddly, sweet loviness
their hysterical antics as they grow.

What fun we all have awaiting us this spring!


I love goats, yours are beautiful.. blue eyes even! Looking forward to your kidding season!...
Ginny said…
Love the picture of Hickory in the stroller, too cute. Enjoy the sunshine, I know we are!!
Tracy said…
I can't wait for more tours of the property!

Your goats girls are gorgeous and that Smoochie sure is a magnificent looking fellow.

Enjoy those walks with little Tyler and Hickory! It sure is nice to get warmer weather :D
Phyllis said…
How cute that little Hickory gets to ride in the stroller too. What a cutie patootie! (and the baby too)!!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the update and I so look forward to seeing those little kids! Love that pic with Hickory in the stroller!
Teresa said…
I can hardly wait to see all of your babies. We are due to start kidding the week of spring break (Mar. 11) as well.
Dianne said…
Loved the stroller picture!
Katmom said…
I luv the way O'Malley thinks!!!!
and so agree with her....1 spoon & a gallon of 'Hagen~daz' cures what ever ails ya!