X-ray Visions

If you follow my blog,
you might remember that we were going to get x-rays of Scarlett's jaw.
A couple of weeks ago, we noticed a lump on her jaw.

Dr. Becky had explained that you can sometimes feel bumps on 
a young horse's jaw when a tooth is about to erupt.
Scarlet is a year and a half old, and she is still cutting
her secondary teeth.

Upon inspection, however, Becky felt that the lump was larger
than the usual eruption bump and that it was a bony tumor.

Two weeks later (this week) the lump was even larger.

So, yesterday Becky lightly sedated Miss Scarlet 
(so that she would hold still)
and obtained several x-rays of her lower jaw.
(I could not get pictures during the process as I was wearing
a lead apron and lead gloves.)

Here is what we found....
What an adorable little mouth.
Orange arrow points to lump.

Close-up shot of lump...compare it to the other side of the jaw.

The lump is an impacted tooth.
That is, it is a secondary tooth that has not moved into place,
and is now heading in the wrong direction.
Green arrow shows a normal tooth as it moves into place,
Blue arrow shows the jawbone.
Red arrow points to normal tooth.
Black arrow points to impacted tooth...heading in the wrong direction.
The lump protrudes out of the side of her jaw, so it is not visible on this view...
just the tooth inside the lump shows at the black arrow.
Dr. Becky is sending Scarlett's films to the U. of Pennsylvania's
New Bolton Center for Equines, to an equine vet who specializes in
equine dentistry and oral surgery, for his recommendations.

I am so relieved to know that it is not a tumor.
Just my luck, our Miss Scarlet will need braces or a retainer.
And I thought my days of finding retainers in strange places was over!!
Oh, can't you just see Miss Scarlet with braces and head gear?

Thanks for all of your sweet comments....
I passed them along to Scarlett and she felt uplifted!!
I'll let you know the final outcome of this toothy tale.


Judi B said…
Well what a relief..but still I would think at some point some surgery but this would be a lot better than a tumour in comparison. I hate going to the dentist..lol..wonder what horses think..lol..lol.Can't wait to hear what they say at the University for treatment. How is she doing eating?
Good luck..she is such a cutie!!
Judi B.
Anke said…
An impacted tooth sounds bad enough, but I'm really glad it isn't anything worse.
countrynmore said…
Well, I am glad that it isn't a tumor.
This is wonderful news! Thank the lord is a tooth causing the lump. I would have never known a horse could have tooth problems...go figure. OH...braces... giggle, tell her they have pretty colorful ones now days. She will be popular in the barnyard getting so much attention.

Glad it was not a tumor.
Anonymous said…
So glad to hear it was not a tumor - God is good.
Carla said…
Well that is good news! I had completely forgotten about the tooth thing---I have a friend who had the same thing with her mini, only on his top jaw.
Ginny said…
Big hugs to Scarlett from our ducks, they are very glad she may only have to have some dentistry work. Two quacks up!! Enjoy your weekend!!
Suzan said…
Poor Scarlett!!
I feel her pain :-///
This N That said…
Happy for Scarlet and you as well...If it's truly impacted..(growing sideways) I think it will take more than braces..probably extraction??? Better than a tumor for sure!!
Stephane said…
You must be so relieved. Our horses Gypsy, Comet and Sophie send their best wishes to Scarlet.
Anonymous said…
What wonderful news and a great relief for you too!

Ms. Bake-it said…
I am so happy to hear that it is not a tumor! This actually happened to my oldest son and luckily it did not require major surgery but did have to have a few baby teeth removed before they were ready so the adult tooth would move into place. Then braces and retainers...

~ Tracy
I had a similar experience with my miniature horse when he was 4 years old. I noticed a large bony bump along the jawline. He was really mouthy and grumpy about it too. The vet came out and announced he had an abcessed tooth.

A short course of Bute and a two month long course of antibiotics (SMZ-I think)amazingly resolved the problem. The lump just slowly shrank back down. Thankfully it never burst out of the bottom of his jaw.

I became quite good at crushing his pills and mixing it with applesauce in a a catheter syringe to administer it like wormer paste. The trick is to put extra applesauce at the end of the syringe so that all of the meds go in and none is left in the syringe tip.
New Bolton is a wonderful place, they will be able to give you answers. I hope it is an easy fix for little Scarlet.
Heather in PA
Praise God it was not a tumor. Answered prayer. I was wondering. It must cause her some pain just like us humans. Can she be given something for pain. I hate to see any creature in pain. I will still keep her in my prayers. Blessings!
Anonymous said…
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Diana said…
Such good news! So happy!
Verde Farm said…
Wow Bev, very neat post. You share such cool things and educational too. I’m so sorry for her and I hope she doesn’t have to wear a night brace :)
Dianne said…
Thankful it wasn't a tumor but OMGoodness - an impacted tooth! I wonder what they will do for her.
Tracy said…
Thank goodness! I'm glad to hear that she will be alright :D