I am shivering.
We are in the midst of an Arctic blast, here in central PA.
It was 5 degrees while we did morning chores this past weekend.
(It is -2 degrees this morning!)
Our 200+ year old log cabin (uninhabited) as seen from the orchard.

Remember how I said I love cold weather???
I might be re-thinking that statement right now.
There are limits to my cold tolerance!

So, while we dress in layers...under armor, wool sweater, down vest,
snow pants, jacket, fur-lined bomber hat and boots in order to survive...
the animals seem to tolerate the cold just fine.

Jenn and the Nigerians, Dr. Becky's log home in the background.
The chickens are much less active and spend most 
of their time in their coops.
(I have not seen the Roos out in days!)

The guineas hunker down together on the fence.
Puffing up their feathers keeps an warmed air pocket close to their 
bodies as insulation.  Sitting on their legs keeps that part of them warm.
Shivering helps to generate body heat for short periods of time.

Only three of our guineas (from 2 summers ago) survived.
The turkeys' activity is always the same...
that same old courting ritual goes on every day,
regardless of the weather.
The boys, always trying to impress "Edith".

The horses maintain their warmth with a thick, furry coat.H
aving hay available to them at all times is their bestdefense against the cold.  The digestion of the fiber in hay(fermentation) provides the most heat of any bodily function.

Oakely and Sam still accompany me for chore time.
They generate plenty of body heat while running.

Maddie (our Newfie) on the other hand prefers to stay out all of the time.
She comes in the house to eat and asks to be let right out again.
A thick double coat keeps her well insulated against the cold.

As for the ducks on the pond...
they seem to be weathering the winter just fine,
in the tiny, unfrozen pool in the center of the pond.

Duck Jacuzzi
If it weren't for Hubbs' aerators, the pond would be frozen solid.

The amazing, shrinking pond.
At the end of the day,
I drag my shivering self back into a toasty warm house and hunker down; every thing there is a season.
Wishing for Spring would only make time move faster than
it already does.
So, for now I will add a few more layers and enjoy each day as it unfolds...cold and snow and winds that blow....Spring will be here soon enough.

By the way, a warm tubby always helps to chase away the winter chill!


Great post!! Especially the baby in the tub! I remember those days well!! We are cold in MA. too. Brrrrr
Ginny said…
Edith looked impressed, HaHa. Love Duck Jacuzzi, maybe I should add one to Duck Hilton!!
From a city gal perspective a farm life is for me....but wait!....... I don't think I have thought it all out. GOODNESS! you sure have some cold winters..ouch~! that is just way too cold. One does not think about having to get out to feed the animals at the crack of dawn in the frigid temps. I looks brutal there. I can see how some animals handle it but those ducks in that icy pond....or your fence guineas...they remind of pot sitters. Ceramic decorations you sit on the edge of the pot, they have a cut-out section on their underbelly and they attach to the rim of the pot. Bless their hearts, they are hanging on.

I do hope you survive the cold, come back in and grab some hot tea or coffee. Thank you for posting your experiences, I do enjoy reading of farm life. Will have to mull it over my farm desire a bit more in depth.

Stay warm!

P.S. DO you have photo of the inside of the 200 year old log home? I love to explor old home when I was a child.
Junebug said…
All I can say is burrrrrrrr! I really did enjoy being along for the chores. I'll stick to my nice warm house and a cup of hot coffee.
Suzan said…
I don't understand how ducks can tolerate that icey water? I know they're made that way, but goodness- that's COLD!!!
Baby is adorable. So unusual to see a 2 story log cabin. Have you taken pictures of the inside and posted it?? Would love to see how the rooms are divided and is the second story still there?
Stay warm,
This N That said…
Guess we can be thankful that there is no wind chill..8 degrees on our walk this AM...Glad the ducks have a place to swim..Jacuzzi !! Funny...Brrr!
Bee Haven Bev said…
I DO actually have pictures from the inside of the log home....but I will have to find them. Perhaps I will make a slide show and post it on my sidebar.....keep your eyes out for that!!!

Unknown said…
Are those ducks crazy? Oh, wait a minute...they are pretty smart..they are right by the aeator BUT and that is a BIG but...I'm with your grandson...inside in a WARM water!
Ms. Bake-it said…
Just looking at those pics and reading what the temp is makes me cold! I honestly do not think I could handle weather that cold for too long. There would need to be a roaring fire and hot cup of tea waiting for me when I got back inside! Lucky ducks with their own jacuzzi! Ever since I began reading your blog, I have been curious about the old log cabin and look forward to seeing a slideshow of it.

Love the picture of the baby and his ducks! Too cute!

~ Tracy
Tracy said…
Great photos! I guess I have to stop feeling sorry for myself since it isn't just me in the entire world that is experiencing super frigid temps! :D Haha
Katmom said…
your cooling down & we are finally heating up! Thank goodness!
Got up to 30degrees today! A real heat wave! lol! But everything melted & then froze again...what didn't freeze the last time around did this time...oh and I did perimeter check,,,dawgone critters, I have lost 8 more pines,,,the moles ate the tap roots right up to the trunks! aacckk! where is Elmer Fudd when ya need him! lol!
Hugz & stay warm!
p.s. I think you & I need to go visit our buddette, Mary Jane in SO CAL! : > )