Good News and Bad News

The bad news first:

Thank you, dear friends,
for all of your heartfelt thoughts
 with regards to the loss of my camera.

(I know it might sound ridiculous,
but I am lost without my little camera.)

I re-hiked the woods retracing my steps as best I could
and was unable to find my poor lost camera.

This camera was a Samsung point and shoot,
that has video capabilities,
and shoots the nicest pictures.

I will be replacing that camera today.
I have to take a trip to town, for an appointment.
Costco will be a stop on that trip.

On a lighter note,
I wanted to share with you what I found in
the turkey house yesterday morning.
(I took this picture with the big camera...
not one I carry around with me)

Yes, siree, I found two freshly laid turkey eggs!
Our first ever.
What am I going to do with them?
Well, I believe I will try frying them up for breakfast!

I just love the variety of eggs that we are harvesting
these days....all sizes, shapes and colors.


Anke said…
I am so sorry that you weren't able to find your camera. Makes me realize, we need to get the pictures off ours more often, so we wouldn't loose month worth of memories.
Bev, the box arrived here yesterday. Thank you so very, very much! Everything is lovely and I appreciate you sending me all those goodies. I will put a money order for the postage in the mail today.
Thanks again!!
So sorry you didn't find your camera. Bummer.

The egg varities are very cool!

Carmen and the Primcats
Unknown said…
Sorry you didn't find it, I hope Costco has another one just like it. Someday, you will just be wandering around and that old camera will be right in plain site!
Ginny said…
Love the colors!! Good luck with the new camera.
taylorgirl6 said…
Those eggs are so beautiful! I can't wait to hear how they taste.
Carla said…
I've heard duck eggs are very 'eggy' and not many folks eat them outright. Lots of baking, thought.

How did the turkey eggs taste?

You know once you buy a new camera, the old one will turn up. :)
I've never eatten turkey eggs...I wonder if they taste the same?
Anonymous said…
Amazing!!!! I guess I knew Turkeys laid eggs...Congratulations
Anonymous said…
Sorry you didn't find your camera!!! Miss your pictures...
Kelly said…
sorry about the camera. Just think how happy you will be to get a new one! Hatch those turkey eggs! We are going to get heritage breed turkeys this spring so we can have turkeys. Woo Hoo. Take a pic of the little new camera with the big camera so we can see.