All Dressed Up.....

......and no where to go.
At least not for a while.
That describes our fainting bucks, Chip and his son, Skip.

Their buddies are out of the pen,
with the ladies!

It is dating season,
but not for Chip and Skip.
Their time is coming...
later this Fall.
And believe me, you don't have to get very close to them
to know that they are ready and eager for their time.
For now, though, they spend their days looking longingly
at the does who are housed about 100 yards away.

Meanwhile, Fred has been courting Sissy.
He is much smaller than she is,
so we are hoping he will be able to get the job done.
I have thought about putting a step stool in their pen.
Let's just say that several attempts have been made.
Time will tell.

Smoochie and O'Malley have been cohabiting, also.
We are pretty sure they have bred.
time will tell.


I wanted to thank all of you who left me your opinions yesterday 
on our turkey debate.
You all offered a lot of "food" for thought!
If we decide to eat them, we will not do the butchering ourselves,
but will have a neighbor, who is a butcher, do it.
We have ordered organic local turkeys in the past,
however they are quite pricey.
(Totally worth the price, the taste is superb!)
It makes sense to me that if we are going to eat turkey,
we should eat birds that have had good lives.

The question remains.....
but I will surely let you know our decision when that day comes!


I have not talked about my rooster, Rod Stewart, in a couple of months.
I am happy to report that his tail is starting to re-grow.
Rod is singing a happy song these days!!

There is no story to this next picture,
however, I am always amazed at how all the species
on our farm mingle without fear of each other.
Hickory loves to check out the chicken pen...
looking for scraps of food that the chickens might have missed.
NO chance of that, Hickory!

Have a great day,
and thanks for stopping by the farm!
Come back to see us again!


Margie said…
I LOVE your blog! It's so interesting! I've grown up in "farm" country, but never thought much about them and what goes on there, now I wish I'd actually grown up on one!

I LOVE Rod Stewart, I can definitely see why you named him that! hehehe!

Have a great day!
Unknown said…
Aw, Hickory is so cute! That is exactly what Dash would be doing! Love your life on the farm...maybe not the Turkey dinner part. ha!
Carla said…
Glad you got the turkey dilemma figured out.
Our rooster was much smaller than our hens. He tried and tried, but never fertilized a single egg. I hope things work out for your goats. :)
I'd bet a whole pile of money that Hickory isn't hunting for scraps the chickens left---unless you mean "recycled" chicken scraps. :)
Ginny said…
Looks like Hickory has a good friend.
Katmom said…
I love peeking in on the goings on @ the "Frankney Beehive", it's a respit from my daily chores....
Kent Island Red said…
Chip and Skip are certainly handsome fellows!