A Very Sad Tail

This is the tale 
of a very sad tail.

Or perhaps I should say this is the tale 
of a missing tail.

My poor rooster, Rod Stewart,
who, until now, was such a handsome "dude"....

Sadly, though, this is what he looks like now...

I am not sure what has happened to poor Rod.
Could this be the result of molting?
Do I have a tail puller in the henhouse?
Does he have a nervous condition?

I just don't know.

His rump is a bit naked...

Unsightly, actually.

I noticed today that some of the hens are chasing him around now.

They say "turn about is fair play" don't they?
I suppose this could be considered fair play since
chasing the hens was always his favorite activity.

Regardless, you have to feel a bit sorry for the fellow.

I have come to the conclusion that I will avoid these wacky, fancy
chickens in the future.  There always seems to be something weird
happening amongst them!


Anke said…
The poor guy... even though it does look a bit funny with that one feather sticking out...
Unknown said…
I give you Dump Truck loads of credit for being downright Bold! Why? Can you just imagine - all the possibilities - for where this 'tail' could go if MTV gets hold of this story? LOL
Anonymous said…
Poor ROD..!!! Love those chickens..stay with them!!! Can't imagine what happened to him
Kelly said…
I will take time to feel sorry for poor Rod after I stop laughing. Oh, that's too good. Thank you Bev for a great start to the day.
Junebug said…
Oh my, Oh my, did you every bring a chuckle to me this morning. Yes, I do feel sorry for Rob, can you imagine being the macho man and now stuck with one feather!!! Yep, I think it is turn around is fair play!
Lisa said…
He now looks like the big monster in Bugs Bunny. It's funny with that single feather.
Unknown said…
my girls and even rocky the rooster look pretty haggard now days. I think it is because of the heat here in east Texas. Hope so anyway because the heat has already started going slowly down. Good luck to Rod.