The Straight Poop

So, if I told you that I truly enjoy scooping poop,

would you believe me?

I do.
I truly do.
It is one of those satisfying chores...
when it's done, the pasture looks pristine,
and I know that it is healthier for the horses...
fewer parasites in the grass.

Manure mucking has become a lesson
 in not only cleaning pastures,
but also in cleaning my mind.

I try during these tasks to be completely present in the moment.
Enjoying what is around me...

(usually animals!)

rather than letting my mind wander 
to unproductive thoughts of
past or future.

I keep my camera close at hand so that I can share
particular sights and moments with you.




I have had enough life experiences, now, to realize
that you cannot change why fret over it!
Tomorrow never why worry!
(Everything in my life that I have ever worried about
is behind me....and I lived through it all....
so why did I worry?)

All I will ever really have is this moment right here and now...
so why not make it a clean one!

Here's to clean minds and clean pastures!


Nina said…
I am an old woman with a great many worries - most of which never came true.
Deb said…
I don't mind scooping either or I couldn't do my job. Loved your post and all the beautiful photos. I always enjoy seeing your cats and may I say I love your profile picture. "Lovely" Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5
Michle said…
Here is a salute to clean minds and clean pastures. I too never mind the cleaning process of barn work, it is my time to be alone and clear my mind. I also love the solitude and repetition of picking blackberries and mowing the yard. I weird like that.

Have a blessed day
Old Machala Farm
Unknown said…
Lovely photos, as usual! I never have an occasion to 'scoop the poop' but some mundane jobs will do that for me. Cleaning the house...
The older I get, I sometimes think about how different things could have been but I just put that down to wishful dreaming. It is over and done and things might not be nearly as good as they are now!
Unknown said…
You are a wonderful example to follow. Thanks for sharing with us.