Lucille and Eileen

As I mentioned before,
raising chickens is a little more work than meets the eye.

Meet Lucille.
She is one of my Rhode Island Reds,
an old gal, and a bit of a busy body.

She is what I call "long in the tooth"
right now.

That is, as sometimes happens,
her top beak has grown faster than her bottom,
and split.
It now hangs over each side of the bottom beak...
making her look a bit snaggle-toothed!

This condition calls for a little manicure work.

A little snip here...

A little snip there....

and the top beak is shaped more like it should be...

meeting the bottom in a much more useful position.

I fear that if left like this,
a chicken might starve to death!

Oh, and while we were working on Lucille's beak,
I happened to notice Eileen
looking over her shoulder.
(she does a lot of that these days...a girl just cannot be too careful!)

Eileen is venturing further and further from her henhouse
each day now.

She still spends most of her time on her one leg,
but with a little wing flapping and limping she is able to 
get around much better.

I think she is definitely on the road to recovery.


Anke said…
Oh my, all the stuff you have to be able to do when you keep chickens. Should I ever get any, there's a lot I still need to learn about keeping them.
taylorgirl6 said…
Eileen is so pretty! What kind of chicken is she?
Anonymous said…
with that instrument of torture that you were using, I'm sure Lucille was happy to get away with only a beak clipping =)
Bee Haven Bev said…
Eileen is a gold laced Wyandotte.
Junebug said…
I guess I best pay closer attention to my girls. At least I know how to remedy the beak problem. Clip, clip and all better!!! Hopefully Eileen will be on two feet soon. Enjoy your day!!!