Weekend Recap

I am writing this post at 10:00 PM Sunday evening.
The last several days have been a bit of a blur.
So many good things have happened here on the farm.
I thought I would share the highlights with you.

First and foremost, we brought Tyler Andrew 
(first grandchild, born on Friday morning)
home from the hospital.
Here he is strapped into his car seat for the ride home...
Not impressed....

Here is a picture of our hay field on Thursday morning,
just moments before it was cut.

It was baled on Saturday and we brought in 800 bales.
If weather conditions are right, we will be able to bring
in two more harvests this summer.
Our barn is full, now.
Becky's hayloft is half full.
(I think we need another barn!)

Scarlet, our new yearling pony, has decided that she is
officially a "Big"... refusing to bunk with the Littles.
Instead, she comes back in with Donnie and Moonbeam.
This seems to be working well, as she is not as bossy with the Bigs!
Everybody peacefully grazes together, now.

And, finally, the ducks have started to return to their duck hut 
each evening by themselves....no need for the canoe roundup anymore.
YAY!!!  Such big, teenage ducks they are!
Each morning, Methuselah paces on the shore of the pond,
outside the duck hut,
until I again open the door and free his new-found buddies.
Oh, what a happy duck he is!!
Hopefully, those teenagers continue to be in by curfew each night!

Thanks for stopping by.
And thanks so much for all the kind and heartfelt comments that you leave.
I love your comments...savoring each one.
I hope that wherever you may be, you have just the best week!


countrynmore said…
The baby pictures are precious and so are the farm pictures. Wow! 800 bales of hay! and....the ducklings are going back on their own every night! That is fantastic Bev.
I am so happy for you....all is good.
Anonymous said…
Tyler is going to love that picture when he's a teenager..better save it!!! Miss Scarlet isn't built like a little..her lags are long and lean??? Maybe he really isn't a little..How about a "medium"
Anonymous said…
Oops..I forgot that Miss Scarlet was Donny Brasco's sister and not really a little...Hard to keep things straight on the farm =)Sorry
Unknown said…
Oh, my gosh he looks so grown up already! Aren't they just the best? Have fun, I know you will!(are)looks like everything on the home front is doing real well.
Junebug said…
Tyler is so precious, he just melts this Grammie's heart! I happy your critters are all doing great. I glad Scarlet has adjusted and wants to be a big girl now. My new Beverly is adjusting well and her official name is Beverly More Clearly! Now you will have to hug Sadie and Squeeze the cheeks of little Tyler for me!
Look at how teeny Tyler is! You forget so fast just how small and scrunchied up they are at first! Best of luck with him, I hear grandparenting is much nicer than the first time around :)

I'm digging the name Methusela as well.
*Ulrike* said…
Congratulations on your grandchild!! Such a cute little fella, always love photos like that! Hard to believe my daughter was ever that little!! Hope you have a great week!
Autumn said…
And they ALL lived Happily ever after!!!!!!
Tyler is just perfect!!! He's so beautiful!!!!!
Give Jenn a big hug!!!
Katmom said…
Oh Bev, how cute! Tyler's socks are almost bigger then his wee lil legs.
Yep, no need to be fussy, bringing up baby around his 4-legged furry siblings is a healthy thing.