Time Spent in a Garden

"Time spent in a garden

is not deducted from your lifespan."

I read this on a plaque 
and suddenly it became crystal clear why
my Nana lived to be 102 years old.

I cannot remember a day spent with my grandmother,
that didn't involve at least a little time
spent in the garden.

So, if the saying holds true, 
I should be in good shape 
for a very long life!

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy 
the time that I spend each day in my garden.

Unfortunately, that was not always the case.
Last year, for example, I called it my
"Garden of Weedin"
using many expletives that are not printable!

Enter the garden boxes...
and my garden suddenly became magical.

Interspersing flowers with the vegetables
has given this space a burst of color
and provided some insect control.

I use no chemicals in my garden,
other than good old fashioned elbow grease!

This past winter, I must admit, I had
some doubt about how gardening in boxes would turn out.
I can happily say, my fears were unfounded.
I have been able to harvest the same amount of vegetables
in much less space,
with almost no weeds.

(mega-sugar pea box) 

I am a believer!

One of my fears involved all of the vining plants 
and whether I would have adequate space for them -
or would they choke each other and everyone else out?

What I have learned is this....

Think outside the box!

Your large vines such as squashes and watermelons
need enough space for their roots.
The rest of the plant can vine itself right over the side of the box.

Cage your tomatoes and your cucumbers so that
they grow upward as tall as possible.
This allows for more plants in a smaller space.
Cucumbers, like tomatoes, don't understand boundaries.
They will vine themselves all over the place
sharing space like an overcrowded
That's ok with me, as long as they keep making cukes.
And judging from all the flowers on the vines,
I should be able to open a pickle stand!

Lessons I have learned:

Onions have a sense of humor...
Pull tiny weeds everyday, and you stay ahead of the game.
Water, water, water  (rain barrels help tremendously).
Bring a friend for company.
I always seem to have a few spare friends.
(Not to mention a few colorful friends!)

Don't be afraid to experiment!
I am not one to follow "rules", so my garden becomes my
very own kingdom, where I get to make the rules.

Take time to just sit in your garden.
You'll be amazed at the visitors you will have....

Thanks for visiting my garden...
you are welcome to sit here with me
anytime...at least for the next 50 years or so!

"Ye ole garden shed"....home to every garden tool known
to woman!


I love that saying ....I hope to have these garden boxes next year. With a fence all around them...we have such a time with little critters wanting a piece of everything that we actually gave up this year...
Patricia said…
Your garden makes my heart smile. Loved this post.
Unknown said…
Just beautiful, I am trying to slowly turn my raised beds with flowers into some veggies. Our weather has been so lousy we may never get to start. I don't think we have enough grow time left now.
Do the chickens get into your garden area?
countrynmore said…
I love your garden Bev. I used to garden, but my oldest son wanted to take on the role.
Anonymous said…
O how you make me WISH I had a garden space -- I hoping next season but wait then I thought hey, I could get some containerS and plant my some Veggies - I'll let you know if I do this..
Katmom said…
Hey Bev,
I harvested my 1st strawberry...yep, 1 managed to survive my rain soaked garden...could this be a sign of more to come? lol!
My 2 Catmint plants came back w/a vengence much to Peekaboo kitty's joy and so when I am out weeding she keeps me company and does her kitty mint patrol...
Hugz & Happy Gardening to you...