Teenager Troubles

Thursday evening (last night)....
Bigs in their dry lot,

Littles in theirs.

Scarlet still in the pasture,



Our Miss Scarlet has a mind of her own.
"NO!! I don't wanna come in!!"

Put on a fly mask?

Come in from the pasture?

She stomps her feet, turns on her heels and
throws her little temper tantrum.

I have to admit....I am ready to throw in the towel.
Our good friend Nancy, who gave Scarlet to us,
I'm sure will take Scarlet back into her herd.
We think she needs another mare around her to put her in her place.
Obviously, I won't do!

To be continued.......

And here is our cute baby picture of the day....

Off to the duck pond for a walk...
Oh those ducks...they have a mind of their own, too.
They have stopped going back into their hut on their own
each evening.
That means that each evening around 8:30 Grammie and Grampie 
have to do the canoe round-up on the pond.
Silly ducks!


countrynmore said…
Darling baby picture. Just when you thought that the ducks were cooperating, they turn around and go back to their old behavior.
Anonymous said…
Maybe a small handful of low carb grain or horse cookie when it is time to come in will change her mind? I shamelessly bribe my mini when it is time for him to come in from the pasture to his drylot paddock. I have to limit his grazing to a few hours a day with a grazing muzzle so he doesn't founder.
Heather in PA
Anonymous said…
You've had your problems with Mares...better stick with the guys!!!
I guess the ducks don't realize that it's dangerous out there after dark
Unknown said…
Oh, my, the trials and tribulations of a working farm! lol
Anke said…
Since we just got back and I had pretty much no access to the internet, I just now saw your grandbaby was born a short while ago. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must be so very happy and so proud... He's a beautiful baby boy and I wish you and the whole family lots of joy and happiness.
Anonymous said…
I agree with using the "low carb grain or horse cookie" but then that might run into extra cash -- I know horses can be a pain -- but I still love horses - just glad I am not a trainer -- it's hard work!
Anonymous said…
Hi!I just came upon your blog - neat! With the mare have you considered running her around in her pasture a bit and a bit more and a bit more! when she decides not to be caught. Running gets very old after awhile. I've used this method for horses many times. I have also used the grain bucket but they get very clever at leaping aside just at the moment you are carefully trying to slip the halter on.