Registration Time

Our babies are all grown up now.

They are weaned and living without their parents.

It all happens so quickly.

Now that they are teenagers, it is time to register them.

We register our goats with the
International Fainting Goat Registry
and the Myotonic Goat Registry.

In order to do this we have to take very specific photos.
They must include a picture of each complete side, 
with at least one complete face shot,
and a picture of each of them fainting.

Becky and I spent a morning getting these pictures
but had no cooperation in the fainting department.
Nettie B.

It's funny, because they faint all the time....
just not on command!

Our babies are so friendly, 
that it is nearly impossible for Becky or I to startle them
enough to cause a "faint".

This weekend we are having guests.
That may be the perfect time to get "fainting" photos.
Strangers are more likely to produce the desired response.

Stay tuned next week for "Goats that Faint"!

Here is one of our older goats, Myrtle.
This box that she is sitting in used to have a tree planted in it.
That is until the goats ate it!

Now it is a raised Goat bed!
I am not sure what the attraction is,
but they all take turns lying here.


countrynmore said…
Funny. I guess that holds true with other animals as well. When you want the animal to do something, then they won;t do it.
Unknown said…
Why Mommie it is like being in the cradle...I find Dash in his 'cage' every once in awhile...I guess they feel safe and contented. By the way, did you get my email at your aol site...I don't have your other one for some reason.
Anonymous said…
I'll bring my little buddy up..she'll make them faint
Anonymous said…
such sweet faces - what's the breed name -- and I was told that there is one best breed that gives the very best goat milk -- what would that be?? Just wondering!
Julie said…
My boys would love to make them faint for you!