Dirty Bob, Sparkey, and Baby Kisses

For Sale:
Two bucklings... still intact.
Born March, 2010.

These are the last of this Spring's kids...
still for sale.


and Dirty Bob

Ok, Sparkey, you understand.  But "Dirty Bob?" you ask.

This is why....

Dirty Bob is the goat version of the Peanuts character
He is always carrying half the goat yard on his coat.

These two are inseparable and would make very nice pets...
if neutered.  As Bucks, they are quite handsomely marked 
and would make great studs.
Anyone need some goats?


The dogs have adjusted well to having a baby in the house.
They are all quite curious.
Especially Hickory (our 15 yr old)
Her maternal instincts have kicked in.
It seems she thinks her job is to shower him with kisses.
Or perhaps she thinks she is washing him.

It's a good thing we are not too fussy, here on the farm!

Tyler gets lots of attention...both human and canine.
What a curious creature, they think....especially when he cries.


Silver Strands said…
Awww ... just look at those puckered lips! Precious!
Just found your blog - very sweet.
Farm Girl said…
The goat pictures are nice, but your baby pictures are just the sweetest, lovely things ever. What a sweet little guy.
You are so blessed.
Elizabeth said…
Such an adorable littly babe! And the doggie licking his head is priceless! When we brought our now two year old home from the hospital our cat adopted him as her own. Whenever we set him down on the floor for tummy time she would lick,lick,lick his hair until it stood straight up! Guess she was grooming her "kitten". :)
Unknown said…
So sweet, dog kisses are good!
Anonymous said…
times sure have changed..remember how sterile everything had to be when Jenn was born..and the masks!!!1
Stefunkc said…
What a precious face! And I love the dogs tongue!