Friday, May 21, 2010

Will Work for Snacks!

Dear Quaker Foods:

We are inquiring about the spokes-person
employment opportunity that you had recently advertised.
We are not Quaker, but one of us (Moonbeam) used to be Amish.....

The "Bigs" need a job....
something to help them earn their keep...
a little extra snack money would be nice.
"Will work for snacks!"

Given their obvious lack of skills, however,
jobs are hard to come by. about advertising?
They would make the perfect spokes-horse,
for their favorite snack food.

They have recently admitted that they love Oatmeal Squares
even more than Frosted Mini Wheats!
And it's a good thing too, because Oatmeal Squares are
good for your heart...according to the package.
"It's right here on the front of the box", says Donnie.

So, if anyone is interested in hiring two slightly overweight,
but handsome and charming ponies.....
please email us here.
We would be happy to provide a video audition!

It's funny, each group of animals on the farm has its favorite treats.
You may have read older posts saying how the goats love Ritz crackers.
The chickens....well, they love just about everything...
except raw veggies (they prefer theirs cooked!)


Martha said...

What cute ponies! I'm sure that Quaker would hire them in an instant! They'd be the spokes"person" for a new marketing segment!

countrynmore said...

So clever my friend. I like the oatmeal squares too, but they are so expensive. You could say that the Oatmeal squares are good for every creature.

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

If the "Bigs" are ponies - what are the "Littles"? The "Bigs" look like horses to me - but what do I know? Nothin' when it come to farm animals. Anywhere they are handsome! Don't we all love our "treats"!

Anonymous said...

you really should send that in..never know what might happen

Junebug said...

Bev, did I tell you I work for smacks also!! Yes, I do think Quaker is missing a great commercial!! But if you need cheap labor just feed me! ha-ha!!!

Beverly said...

I actually sent this post to the Quaker Oats Company. We will see if they respond.

Aussiemade said...

I would imagine an add featuring your beautiful olds would increase sales enormously. lol
Especially if you included the photo of Donnie demonstrating the healthy He has a real twinkle in his eye. Send it to the company it may be worth a few boxes of treats for the olds. Worth a

Dianne said...

That's chickens like their veggies cooked also!

Cute post!

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Good luck to the animals on the farm! Its tough out there but I'm sure they'll find work! They have the "it" factor!


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