Still Cute....

But not (I fear) for long!!!

Here are my three turkey babies...
Four weeks ago I started with four poults.
One died on the third day.  
The remaining three are thriving.
They have grown lots of feathers are able to fly up to this 
ledge about 3 feet off the ground to roost at night.

Here is what they looked like one month ago....

It will be fun to watch these guys grow.
They have no names as of yet...
we don't know the sexes.

All in due time.
As Hubbs had previously thought, though,
we will not be naming them
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

No, I cannot see us eating these cuties....
So, more critters earning their keep
only through the "cute" factor.


Junebug said…
Yep, still cute! I don't recall seeing turkeys in that color. We pretty much have the dark ones around here. So with that you must keep pictures coming. One more thing Beverly the polish is growing so big. Well as big as polish get. I will post picture soon on my site. Enjoy the Memorial Weekend! June