Singing Praises

This year I tried a new product in my garden boxes.
I tried "Seed Tape".

This is a roll of 1/2 inch wide toilet paper
that comes with seeds in it.

You simply roll out the tape in your furrow.
(photo courtesy of
Cover with a tiny bit of soil...

And in a few weeks you have perfectly spaced vegetables...
in my case, radishes.

I love these long skinny radishes.
They are crunchy and mild.

I swear that every one of those seeds germinated...
I have hundreds of radishes!

I still have a box with seed tape carrots growing...
I'll let you know how they turn out.

If you want a very easy gardening experience with
a high yield....check out.
and search for "seed tape"..

Bee Haven Acres gives this two thumbs up!

PS....any ideas on what to do with all these radishes????


Junebug said…
Oh a radish sandwich for me! Growing up fresh radishes from the garden, plain white bread(mother's homemade) covered with butter and sliced radishes. I know sound weird but it was so good. My radishes aren't up so you will have to have a sanwich on me!
Anonymous said…
make a wreath from them
Farm Girl said…
Good luck with the radishes, I couldn't give them away, even the chickens wouldn't eat them. I love them because they grow so fast but after a couple well... I thought and thought and went through all of my cookbooks and I never found anything else to do with them.
Oh, I had my girls over yesterday and they talked about your poor husbands wounds and the demise of your rooster. Blogging stories even become part of my family.
Thanks for living out loud.
Kessie said…
Cut the radishes very thin and dip them in balsamic vinegar. My sister introduced me to this delicacy last summer. Of course, that doesn't rid you of hundreds of radishes, but it's a nice way to eat one or two. :-)
janet said…
Check out allrecipes, they have a steamed radish rescipe that sounds good. It had a 4 star rating.
Aussiemade said…
I like radishes umm but they wont travel all this way. Radish Pickles?
This tape seems like a great idea.
Will wait in patient expectation for news on the carrot front.
Autumn said…
Ive seen that and wondered if it was gimicky- seemed like a great idea but I just never bought it. Now I will!!!!
Tks for the review!!!
July is coming gettin excited?
Anonymous said…
Will the goats and chickens eat some? I saw a recipe at my CSA's website for Romano Risotto with Radishes. Looked great! It's at