Four Weedings and a Funeral

Why is it that the mayhem always occurs on the weekend?
I was hoping for a relatively calm weekend...
spent in the garden, happily weeding my vegetable boxes.

I must admit,
I did get the weeding done.
Thanks to Hubbs.
Hubbs took care of afternoon chores each day
so that I could concentrate on the gardening.

Unfortunately, though, while I was peacefully gardening...

Hubbs was brutally attacked and beaten
by Hank.
Hank, the aggressive, menacing, flogging rooster.

Now, if you have been following the saga of Hank,
you will remember that several weeks ago I was ready to
turn Hank into stew.

But, no.....
Hubbs wanted to try to rehabilitate Hank.
(Enter the super-soaker...negative reinforcement for bad behavior)

Hubbs was convinced we could turn Hank 
into a farm-friendly rooster.

Hubbs held onto that notion.
Until Friday afternoon.

I was peacefully gardening.
Hubbs was gathering eggs.

When suddenly.....
Before he knew what hit him,
he was bleeding profusely.

Hank had run in from the field....

into the chicken pen....

into the chicken house....

and flogged Hubbs...

catching him....




Not thinking, but reacting out of instinct,
Hubbs gave Hank a swift kick and sent 
him flying.

Off, into the field ran Hank...
out of sight.

That night, Hank did not return to the barn,
as was his custom.

Hubbs was overwrought with guilt and remorse,
fearing that his kick had broken a rib, punctured a lung,
and sent Hank into the woods to die a slow and painful death.

The next morning, however......

Hank came happily out of the henhouse
(he never sleeps there....always alone in the barn)
and sang his usual cock-a-doodle-doo.

I laughed, hysterically...
and called ease his pain.
"Hank lives,"  I said.

Not for long, we agreed.
With a summer full of farm tours,
 (several groups of children)
we cannot have an attack rooster on the premises.

Unfortunately, Hank's reputation preceded him...
making him un-adoptable.

We had only one choice.....
an honorable death for Hank.

Hank was a warrior who lived by the sword.
It was only fitting that he should die by the sword, too.
(in the form of a painless lethal injection of barbiturate)

Good bye, Hank.

We will miss you...


PS....There is a principle that we try to live by, here on the farm.  It is best described with the Sanskrit word...Ahimsa... the principle of refraining from harming any living thing.  We tried our best with Hank.
Many advised us to cook him.  Somehow, we just couldn't bring ourselves to do that.  It seemed that euthanasia was the kindest solution.  Although we are glad to be rid of this menace, we do feel some remorse.


Anonymous said…
Sorry Hank has become a menace. My experience is that some roosters are acting on natural instinct and hormones and therefore can't be rehabbed. We have three nice roosters now-but went through 12 mean ones to find our three! We have a rule on our farm that any dangerous or aggressive animal has to go, it's just not worth someone getting hurt. Hope Hubbs is ok.
Heather in PA
Farm Girl said…
I know you you feel bad, but once they start hunting you down, it is over. I am shocked at your poor husband and all the blood, I have been flogged but never that bad. I don't know what happens when you kick them, but something snaps and they just get so mean. That rooster was a menace. I kept hoping that your owls or your foxes might eat him. At least you are safe now.
poor Hank! NOT.... I have a rooster that is flogging me as well. I have hit, kicked, chased him with a rake, poured coffee on him and he just doesn't get it... Don't flogg the hand that feeds you! So our rooster is going to be done in too.... sad however cuz he's a beauty..... We don't ever kill animals here either except to eat the meat birds. BUT>>>>>>this has gone on long enough... Best wishes on your day...
Anonymous said…
though difficult, you did the right thing..hope the rest of your weekend was peaceful
Misty said…
Here's how I roll: every living creature that gets fed by me, has to be productive. If they aren't they have to go. I had to send a very sweet dog to the no kill shelter because he kept killing my cats. My cats eat mice. So, hello kitty, goodbye Petie!
Anonymous said…
Wow! Fierce that Hank really .. with a worm that has no like. I am a Brazilian fan of your blog ... love the farm!
Unknown said…
Sorry about Hank, but somethings just can't go on.... I understand no dumplings for you. Love all the posts I missed while I was gone. You have been so busy.
Anonymous said…
R.I.P Hank...You weren't peaceful in life.

I won't tell my hubby about this post, as I am begging him for chickens and losing the battle.
countrynmore said…
You and your hubs tried. Hank just wasn't going to change. At least there was a reason for his demise. Growing up we had chickens and rabbits. I won't go in to details, but at dinner, I knew, although my dad tried to convince me that it was chicken. Lets say, I didn't eat any meat that night. Sigh....
Autumn said…
Yep- I can relate. We had a nasty red rooster that I protected until....and I mean I switched sides fast.... he attacked my 2 yr old baby girl.
I'm convinced they can't be tamed once they get aggressive.
Good riddance-but still hard to carry out!!
No medical field people here so we have to use the hatchet or gun. Injection sounds much better to me!!!
Dianne said…
Here's the link to our similar situation with a demon-possessed rooster:

I was so immensely happy to rid of him! Now there are ten hens who are healthy and producing lots of eggs.

I say good riddance to Hank!
Katmom said…
ok, I am so sorry, but I found myself giggling several times while reading your "Hank" story...
does that mean I am warped! lol!
Wonky Girl said…
Been there with roos. Besides flogging they ripped out the hens back feathers with over-mating. I did miss having a roo and hearing the cock-a-doodle. We now have two Silkie roos, maybe you could try them. Silkie breed is small and docile, very people oriented. Too small to mate my larger hens, the hens flap in the Silkie roos face and he toddles off. LOL
janet said…
So sorry but, rest asure you did the right thing.