All Creatures, Great and Small

You might think me crazy.

But, I have a hunch that you don't.

I can tell by the comments left for me that you all

are animal lovers....

just like me.

Large small animals, I love them all.

Even the predators have their place in the world.

Without human intervention, the world works perfectly.

Each and every animal has its place.

Even the lowliest rodent.
Each day, when I go to the pond to feed the duck,

I am greeted by a family of mice inside the feed bin.

(Somehow they've managed to chew a hole in the plastic bin, right up under the lid.)

There they are, just staring up at me with their big bright eyes.....harmless.

Each day, I gently free them from the feed bin

(afraid that they might be stuck there and die of thirst).
I know that sounds crazy.

After all, we do have barn cats to keep the mouse population at bay.

But looking down at these adorable creatures....

well, they just melt my heart.

I'll continue to "save" them each day.


Mary Ann said…
I have an old purple martin house I inherited when we bought our home. Its behind my small studio barn. In the very late fall I went to bring it out, to do a little "renovation" with it for the upcoming spring. I opened the top half of the martin house to behold a small family of mice jumping about, horrified that I had just discovered them.

I placed the lid back down and walked away. I will figure out what to do with the house in early spring...I didn't want to push the little buggers out of the nest they'd settled into for the cold of winter. I guess that makes me crazy, too!
Anke said…
I would free them, too. Just look at those cute button eyes, how could you not.
Junebug said…
Oh Bev, they are cute , but I hate it when they starle me. If I see them first I am okay. I probably would buy a new grain bin so they would stay out. But your pictures are addorable. Those ears and eyes!!! Yes, all creatures great and small. Enjoy your day - June
Unknown said…
I know I have them here, in the house sometimes, or in Dash's food on the back porch (I know better now) and they are just so cute!!! The little babies are just so tiny and their cute little noses..... Well, you know what I mean. :D
Anonymous said…
They are very dear..are you fattening them up for the barn cats....self sustaining as you are
countrynmore said…
We used to have our dog food stored in a plastic can outside. We discovered a large hole in the side of the can, and you can bet our dogs didn't make the hole. After that, my dh used a metal trash can. Problem solved.
Sandy said…
Never thought I would say that mice are cute but gosh darn it these are! I don't blame you I couldn't hurt these cuties either. I don't mind them outside just don't want them in my house.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)
Kelly said…
Yep, you are crazy! Just like the rest of us. When the cats come up with a small animal and it's still alive I have to cover my ears and run. I just can't stand it. I know they have a job. They do it well. I don't have to be involved. The mice are so cute with those big ears. I kind of agree with you in the world works just fine minus humans, I am thankful that we have been allowed here. Keep saving the mice. I will look for a bumber sticker. ;)
*Ulrike* said…
Cute little buggers! Though I'm not crazy for them when they are inside the house!
Unknown said…
You are a gentle and loving, kind hearted soul.... God bless you.
Oh Bev, so fun getting caught up on the scoop on the farm! Never a dull moment! These little mice are adorable! Yes, I to am an animal lover. Cute pictures of the mice and all the other post!

Love ya!
Glo said…
We used to get a lot of mice in our last home. I could not figure out how they were getting in! I didn't want them killed so my husband used to catch them in a glass, get in the car, and relocate them to a field away from our home. I wish I had taken some video of that!
Unknown said…
Oh they are so cute - I'd do the same thing. When I was a child my brother had three mice as pets - Tic, Tac, and Toe. He used to give them rides in his little matchbox cars.
Faeryhollow said…
I just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading it so much. I had to comment and say that I'm so glad to meet kindred spirits who appreciate these little critters as I do, and don't run away screaming or look for a better mousetrap. I had a pet mouse, Esmerelda, that my then boyfriend (now husband of 39 years) gave me when we were in college. She met an untimely end (literally), smothered under the tush of a visiting dorm friend. I called my mother, crying hysterically and scaring her half to death until I was able to choke out that Esmerelda was d-d-d-dead. Now when the little mice invade our home in the woods, we trap them in a bag and take them down our drive and across the creek to release them by the barn, where they join their friends and relations. Thanks for sharing your home and life with others who appreciate the gentle side of life.